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What Are The Best Toy Computers For Toddlers And Babies

Children’s toys are becoming as high-tech as the gadgets we carry. The Toy Fair only confirms that the trend will continue. But if we talk about a toy computer then u have to select Best Toy Computers For Toddlers And Babies.

 But is it safe for preschoolers to use a toy computer? 

Kids can bring disaster to your expensive laptop. So how do you provide them with a learning experience? OK, this is where toy laptops come in. Yes, unless stated otherwise, they do not provide a real computer experience but are good enough for children.

VTech Tote and Go Laptop

Toy computer for baby

Moreover, the market is flooded with battery-powered laptop toys that have different functions to entertain children. But the best toy computers for babies offers more than just entertainment.

When kids want to be like mom and dad, it may take a few minutes to hand over the MacBook Pro. This may also be stupid. If your child only wants to play some games, then these kid-oriented toy laptops may be the case.

They are reasonably priced, educational, and fun, but remember that they are also toys. They are not intended to replace a real laptop or computer experience. Unless otherwise stated, none of these toys have a color screen (they are grayscale LCDs) and they all require batteries.

Following is our list of the best toy computers for all toddlers:

Leapfrog My First Learning Tablet White And Green

Best toy computers for toddlers

Press the app and icons slide your fingers across the screen for a multicolored light show. Each action activates unique patterns of lights, colors, and sounds. Just like mom and dad, this durable kids tablet comes with a Home button, 20 app icons, and introduces letters, numbers, shapes, animals, colors, and more making it one of the best toy computers for 5-year-olds.

Features & Specifications

  • Chat on the phone with Violet, take fake photos, and listen to a variety of songs, just like a real tablet.
  • The little ones can get to work by exploring letters, numbers, shapes, colors, time, counting, and foreign languages.
  • More than pretending to play, this colorful tablet also includes learning and music modes that introduce animals, fun facts, stories, and more.
  • Each touch on the screen activates an exciting light show of colors and patterns that will surely attract the little ones during the game.
  • Best educational toy.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
We took this for our one-year-old boy and she took it right away. Batteries have been included. The screen is super sensitive and sensitive to the baby’s touch. The child can scroll right, left, up or down and the icons will light up where they trace their fingers. This is one of the best toy computers for toddlers.


To have fun with role-playing games, press the five dock icons and talk to Scout on the phone, explore the concepts of the time, listen to Scout, play with the fake camera and listen to music. Play with apps like a real tablet in Explore mode and listen to exciting phrases about time, sport, and health. The learning mode includes colors, numbers, shapes, and more. The music mode plays songs and melodies and allows the little ones to create their own masterpieces

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop | Toy Laptop For Babies

Best toy computers for babies


The large Leaptop screen makes the fake computer even bigger, with 26 fun animal animations! Tap away in 4 learning modes, including ABC, Messages, Games, and Music. In ABC mode, children can listen to the letter, the sound of the letter and a word using that letter.

Features & Specifications

  • It has large screen.
  • Pretend you are like mom and dad with a fun role-playing game on the computer, like sending emails with Scout and a handle to take away.
  • Personalize My Laptop to help your child write their name.
  • Tap away in 4 learning modes – ABC, Messages, Games, and Music.
  • It switches to 16 songs and melodies.
  • Best toy computers for toddlers.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
I can’t tell you how happy I am that I decided to buy it. This article remained on my Amazon list for months before I decided to try it. My daughter is almost two years old but is constantly busy and on the move. If she is awake, she is traveling.


In Message mode, children can pretend to send and receive e-mails with Scout. In Games mode, play fun animal trivia and letter games to reinforce learning. In Music mode, choose from 16 fun songs and melodies.  They can be just like mom and dad with this toy computer for toddlers.

 VTech Little Apps Tablet | Baby Laptop Toy For Babies


Vtech Computer toy

Join Cody, the smart puppy to have lots of fun with the small VTech tablet app, one of the best toy computers for toddlers! With a color-changing screen, letter buttons, and piano keyboard, this role-playing electronic tablet engages your child in imaginative games. The small app tablet teaches letters, counting, numerical order, correspondence, and more! VTech’s small tablet app encourages kids to play like mom or dad with their tablets. Smart Cody the Cub brings your child to learn adventures with vivid animations, sound effects, and a color-changing screen.

Features & Specifications

  • It has Color changing screen.
  • Along with 12 learning activities with progressive learning levels.
  • Volume control and automatic shut-off to save battery.
  • It plays 4 fun games.
  • It introduces music, letters, words and basic

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
VTech Little Apps Tablet, Black (Frustration …; great price for the quality and performance of the learning toy. My boyfriend loves it so much that I had to put some duct tape on the speaker to dampen it a little the volume. Nothing puts the fear of God in you like hearing the ABCs at 2am with the voice of a child, a voice that does not match that of your child!


This fun teaching tablet for kids teaches counting, words, letters, basic math, and more through eight activities with progressive learning levels. Improve your musical skills and create musical melodies with the integrated keyboard. Parent-friendly features like volume control, durable design, and automatic shutdown make this role-playing, electronic tablet ideal for portable learning anywhere. Get ready to have fun with smart Cody the Cub!


YOYOSTORE Child’s Interactive | Play Cell Phone For Toddlers

best toy cell phone for 5 year old

The phone has 20 Best Children songs and 10 dormant songs. It is the best Christmas gift for kids (with Christmas songs). The lights flash multicolored around the edges when a button is pressed, visually stimulating. 1 PC toy (Our Micro USB cable is just a gift for you. Maybe a charger is not suitable. It is better to use your micro cable.)

Features & Specifications

  • Color Mode, Fruit Mode, Piano Mode
  • Music Mode: (10 Classic Sleeping Music) .
  • Telephone Ring Tones
  • Message Tones
  • Take A Photo Sound.
  • Charge with Micro USB cable.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
I’ve had enough of my son who climbs into my bed every morning after my iPhone, so I did this wonder! He can’t put it down. I love how this is actually educational with various features. My colleagues also thanked me for not receiving text messages that read “uysdfvn2387”.


The toy phone feeds your child’s curiosity to learn through touch, sound, and sight. It boasts 8 different modes and many sound effects. When you turn the switch, it will ring and when you press the image on the phone, it will speak.

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Pink


Best baby phone toy



VTech’s Baby Phone Touch & Swipe captures your baby’s imagination with your smartphone for a fun role-playing game. Swipe through the screens for two game modes on this educational toy with twelve illuminated mock learning apps or switch to Music mode to play funny melodies and songs to sing. Vibrant colors and a touchscreen engage your baby while playing roles by calling family, friends, or even his stuffed animals.

Features & Specifications

  • It is Touch screen kid’s phone.
  • The Music mode screen using the slide at the bottom of the pretend phone.
  • Educational kids toy introduces role-play and hand-eye coordination for your children.
  • Songs help teach ABCs, 123s, and first words.
  • Baby phone is designed for 6 months to 3 years old.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
I love this toy phone. My twins have just turned two and this was one of their gifts. I knew I didn’t want to get him a REAL electronic device, even though they like to “play” on everyone else’s phone and tablet. They are still young enough to be entertained by a toy, and that’s perfect.


The function of the “Home” button allows you to register and save the home number for learning. With a fake calendar, clock, and weather app, your child learns about the day while the touchscreen and cursor create hand/eye coordination. Your baby will discover and explore with fun sounds and songs to sing that introduce ABC, 123, and first words. It’s a realistic role-playing game and learning on the go!

 VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop


toy computer for 6 year old

Explore and learn with VTech’s Brilliant Baby Laptop; this travel ready toy laptop features nine brightly colored buttons and a mobile mouse that interact with the bright screen. Choose the animal mode to get to know the animals and their sounds, the form mode to explore colors and shapes or the music mode for a variety of songs and melodies here

Features & Specifications

  • Durable design.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • Engage and learn with the brilliant kids laptop.
  • Introduce animals, shapes, and colors with the brilliant-shaped buttons.
  • Wiggle the cute mouse to activate sounds and lights.
  • Move the mouse to change the flashing lights.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
Fantastic toy for my 6 month old baby; many sounds and lights to keep him interested! Loves to open and close the top, play with the mouse (it’s really nice how it moves!), And loves the rattle that turns when it’s closed.


Plays over 115 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases; opening and closing the laptop teaches opposites; the rotating roller develops motor skills

Features mouse in the shape of a mobile mouse; the sturdy carrying handle makes traveling fun easy; fun learning is just a click away. Requires 2 AA batteries (batteries included for demonstration purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use); intended from 6 months to 3 years.

ToToys Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Laptop


V tech Learning laptop 4-7 years


TOTOYS 78 Magnetic letters and numbers Educational toy learning presents a laptop similar to a tablet for adults or children, but functionally designed for early childhood development. Created for the little ones, preschoolers and young children, they will love spelling their name and different words as they form and align letters or learn numbers, and encourage the development of fine motor skills, basic spelling and letter recognition.  At least from an appearance perspective, it is definitely one of the best toy computers for toddlers.

Features & Specifications

  • Educational e book to enhance the spellings.
  • It is a preschool blackboard designed to look like a notebook, to manipulate and move on the magnetic screen.
  • Children have the possibility to attach the first words with the letter or number buttons or to write with chalk.
  • A fantastic educational tool for young children.
  • Small chalk and a mini sponge have their dedicated place on the notebook and, for fun, a cardboard smartphone has been added.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
I ordered this for my nearly 6-year-old daughter … she has been on my computer so I want something she can use. Since I don’t know what to look for, I hesitate to buy a tablet Indecision. I saw this, the price is right, it’s pink. I received it in 2 days!


Doubling like a blackboard drawing pad, it allows them to increase their creativity and work on their fine motor skills by using Chalk to draw, providing fun and education over the years.

LeapFrog Mr. Pencil’s Scribble and Write


toy computer for 5 year old


Mr. Pencil’s Scribble & Write brings fun to write letters, numbers, and more! Explore six activities with the help of friendly Mr. Pencil, which will introduce writing, drawing, and spelling. Mr. Pencil will introduce step-by-step how to write numbers, shapes, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Use the stylus on the touch screen to track numbers, letters, and shapes.

Features & Specifications

  • After tracking the letters, numbers, or shapes correctly, tap the screen to make it full of cute animations!
  • It works step by step.
  • Use the stylus on the touch screen to follow instructions step by step in the correct stroke order of letters and numbers.
  • Six major entertainment activities.
  • Enhance the drawing, writing, and spelling of letters and numbers.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
My kids put bananas on this toy! My 3yo has been writing for several months, but when my 2yo started playing with it, he quickly reached the level of writing his brother had before! I love all the features, the friendly sound, and what my kids have learned from this toy.


Mr. Pencil will provide instant feedback. Tap the screen to make your work full of cute animations. Then get creative and use the stylus to draw whatever you need! Mr. Pencil will also ask you to match letters to sounds or find missing letters to spell simple words to introduce early spelling. Writing is fun and can interact with Mr. Pencil!

10 Best Computers for Toddlers and Preschoolers in 2020

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet


Best tablets for kids


Grand launch of Baby’s own tablet-Fisher-Price laugh and learn Smart Stages tablet! This tablet contains Smart Stages technology, an exciting new way to change the learning content as your baby grows up! Because each baby develops at its own pace, smart stage technology enables you to choose the stage that is best for your child! In three play levels, there are various songs, phrases, and sounds suitable for development.

Features & Specifications

  • Introduce babies to letters, initials, animals, etc.
  • Lots of music, phrases, and funny sounds.
  • Includes Smart Stages technology that changes as your baby grows.
  • Three game levels with fresh songs, phrases, and sounds for your little ones.
  • The tablet screen lights up and flashes with songs and phrases. Requires 3 AA batteries.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
My baby put it down, played with sticky hands, and tried this tablet multiple times, but it’s still as good as the new one. I like it comes with 3 levels. Level 1 is for babies, it only sounds and lights up. Level 2 tells you letters + sounds + lights.


[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]

Babies can press one of the 28 “App” buttons to activate sounds and music-and unlock learning about letters, initials, animals, and more. For even more fun, the tablet screen will light up and flash with songs and phrases.

Boxiki Kids Smart Pad Learning Educational Toddler Tablet Toy

Toy tablets for toddlers


The interactive learning board includes kids ABC games, digital games.  This little kid’s tablet can help infant development, the tablet can introduce numbers and ABC, teach cars and pictures, test reflexes and visual memory, all-in-one. it’s hard to find educational toys for boys and girls, this alphabet pad and educational toys for kids have it all; your kids will be inspired by early learning.

Features & Specifications

  • Children tentacles teach palm games.
  • Has a Light button.
  • Kids can Learn numbers learn ABC, recognize pictures.
  • Quiz games, electronic gopher games, songs are also included.
  • It’s a Spinning ball toy.

Customer Reviews

Elle Said,
This toy is fun. My baby loves playing with it. In the description, it is recommended to be 3 years old and above. But my baby is only 8 months. He likes to play with it.  He likes spinning the ball in the toy … and laughs, for example, he heard The sound … the quality is very good.


Compact size designed for easy travel, car rides, airplanes, etc. Glowing buttons and games will entertain and challenge your child for many hours of fun. Designed for frequent use by your child’s early learning stages; requires 3 AAA batteries (not included); fun games for children, recommended age 12 and older.


Question: When should you buy a computer for your child?

Answer: Between 4-5 years old, most children have good motor skills to manipulate the mouse. However, preschoolers are too young to use computers on their own, so don’t consider buying a computer at this stage of development.

Question: At what age should children get a laptop?

Answer: Most children will start learning to use a laptop by the age of 2 or 3. In the early stages of laptop use, parents, teachers, or another adult should always supervise them.

Question: What does a 2-in-1 laptop mean?

Answer: It is a portable computer with tablet and laptop capabilities. … The 2-in-1 PC is made up of portable computer components in a thin and light chassis and is a model of technology fusion.

Question: What makes toys educational?

Answer: Educational toys (sometimes called “educational toys”) are game objects, often designed for children that promise to stimulate learning. They are often designed to meet educational purposes, such as helping children develop specific skills or teaching children specific topics.

Question: How old should the child be?

Answer: Most children learn to read when they are 6 or 7. Some children learn at the age of 4 or 5. Even if the child has a good start, she may not stay ahead once school starts.


Technology is changing rapidly. As parents look for advantages for their children, the company begins to develop baby technology products. In the list above, our best toy computers for toddlers and babies reviews everything from fun baby laptop toys to “real” laptop training computers for children and growing toddlers.

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