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Educational Video Games for Kids – How to Make the Right Choice

Video games have been dividing parents for a long time. However, as more and more of them are being developed, more and more educational video games for kids are hitting the market. We will be discussing games that can teach your child a variety of skills and valuable lessons.

Are video games good for kids? This debate has existed for as long as video games themselves. The debate has only become more heated over the years as more and more role-playing games are released, which have proven to be addictive. While you may like to play Call of Duty or Fortnite, you surely cannot play it with your child. Thankfully, just like the total number of video games themselves, there are a lot of educational video games that have been released.

While some of these are games that can be played by you and your child together, some might prove to be too simple for you as they are strictly video games for kids. You might choose one or more of these based on the inherent interests of your child.

Top Educational Video Games for Kids


There are few video games that have a broader appeal than Minecraft, if at all. Some may argue that adults find it more interesting, but everyone knows that it develops a sense of creativity, logic, and imagination. The basis of Minecraft is to build structures, and explore a new world; creating a cycle of creation and discovery which makes it one of the better video games to play in quarantine.

Just Dance 2020

One of the best video games in 2020, Just Dance 2020 gives you and your child just the right amount of exercise and fuel their inherent dancing abilities. It has a lot of songs from a variety of pop stars which confirm that there will be no dearth of groovy numbers to dance too. Along with an amazing stress-free workout, it can also give you a lot of fun-filled family moments. All you have to do is repeat the moves which are on the screen accurately and fast.


This is one of the most interesting to play video games in the coronavirus pandemic. This one helps your children develop their imagination, creativity, and drawing skills. A piece of paper cannot contain the entirety of your child’s imagination, and the cities are closed for now. Imagination is as important as being able to count in your head. Therefore, there are games for children that can help your child understand in the future as it is proven that playing video games is linked to academic performance.

LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 is one of the best video games for kids in 2020. This one is meant to cater to a target audience of 6 and above, though the appeal starts to decrease for teenagers. You would find it shocking to learn that this one was released way back in the year 2014, but its sheer quality has made sure that it has stayed a popular choice for people 6 years later. This game has an option where you and your child can play through various landscapes that seem like a puzzle. But its winning point is the construction kit it offers. You can create various levels for your own world. It also allows you to share the levels you have made with the community. This not only improves your communication with your child at an age where they can get difficult to control, but it also helps them develop a more imaginative thought process and a logical bent of mind.


While the world of video games is large and ever-expanding, you can always find one to play with your child. How video games affect children is something that is still not clear. But during this pandemic, when you have lots of time to bond with your child, you can use these educational games to build a strong bond with your child and establish a better sense of communication, which will help you both in the future. Do you like to play video games with your child? Which ones do you play? Please share with us in the comments section below.

About the Author

Ellen Royce is a writer, blogger, and gamer. Like many others, she thought games make people dull, but several years ago, everything changed when she learned more about the world of online gaming. She is writing about it to spread information about all the significant advantages games bring.


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