Best Board Games For 9 Year Olds

Nowadays everyone is spending so much time on electronic devices, they sometimes forget how much fun can they can have without them.  Some of our favorite memories as a child came from family board game night so we compiled a list of fun family board games to play at home.  Not only do they give your eyes a rest from screen time, but they help them develop many skills as your children grow and develop.  This is why we recommend some fun family board games for your next family game night with the best board games for 9 year olds in 2020.

Best Board Games For A 9 Year Old

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Trivia Pursuit Family Edition

Trivial Pursuit has always been a classic, fun, family-friendly board game, and the family edition is perfect for your next family game night.  It features 1200 questions across 6 different categories, to test your entire family’s smarts, and even if someone doesn’t know the answer, you can learn new things along the way.  There are separate cards for kids and adults to keep things interesting and fair.  This is a great way to spend family time together for many nights of fun and you will also be amazed at how much both you and your kids learn from playing!


  • 1200 questions, 6oo for kids and 600 for adults, for never-ending fun and new questions every time you play
  • 6 categories of questions, because variety is the spice of life
  • A faster pace of play than the original to keep everyone interested and attentive
  • Individual or Team play, for that independent child in your life, or the one that likes to work with others
  • Ages 8 and up

Taboo Kids vs. Parents Family Board Game


Taboo is another classic game with a family-friendly edition: Kids vs Parents.  Try to get your team to say the Guess word without using any of the forbidden words as fast as you can!  If you say one of the forbidden words there, the opposing team will use the squeaker to let you know!  This will provide hours of fun while also giving your brain some exercise.


  • 100 cards for kids and 100 cards for adults
  • Kids cards only have 2 buzzwords  while the adults have 5
  • Fast pace play keeps everyone’s brain going
  • Team play helps with learning how to work together and learn how other people think
  • Ages 8 and up

Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Families

Kids Against Maturity

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity with your adult friends?  We all know you wouldn’t let your kids anywhere near that game, but the concept of the game is still great, so this is where this kid-friendly version come into play.  If you don’t know the game, one person reads out a statement or question, and all other players pick a card from their hand they feel best answers the questions or finishes the statement.  The question reader picks the winner based on what they like best.  


One thing to note, everyone has different levels of humor they feel is family-friendly, parents should go through and make sure to pull out any cards they deem inappropriate prior to playing!

  • Age-appropriate humor for kids, with some innuendos for adults to keep you laughing too
  • 500 question and answer cards
  • The compact box allows you to take it and play anywhere you go
  • Get into the game fast, just pick 10 cards each and you will be laughing hysterically before you know it
  • Ages 8 and up

Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Junior

Continuing with our love of classic games, we have Scrabble Junior!  Scrabble is a game that most people know, but would also not play with their little ones, enter Scrabble Junior.  Your kids will enjoy learning letters and new words while keeping score with some wacky tokens.  In this game, you match letters in your hand to those on the board and get a point every time you complete a word.

  • Letter matching fun for your little one
  • The game grows with your kids
  • 2 sided game board, beginning level on one side, advanced on the other
  • Players create their own words in the advanced level game
  • Ages 5 and up
  • 2 – 4 players

Apples to Apples Junior 

Apples To Apples Junior

This game brings the fun and hilarity of Apples to Apples to the entire family.  You and your children will have countless hours of fun making crazy comparisons and expanding your vocabulary and thinking skills.  The game is simple to play, just deal out the read cards and you are ready to go!  Each player takes their turn being the judge by picking a green card then all players must pick a red card from their hand which best goes with it.  The Judge picks the winner, but don’t let just your card to the talking, use your skills of persuasion to convince the judge that your card is the best.  Then the fun continues with the next player becoming the judge.

  • 576 unique cards
  • Easy to learn and start playing
  • Improves vocabulary, thinking, and persuasion skills
  • Ages 9 and up
  • 4 – 8 players

What Do You Meme Family Edition

What Do You Meme Family Edition

In this day and age where social media and memes are more well known than some celebrities, this is a perfect game to bring the whole family together and have a good laugh at the same time.  Pick the best caption from your hand to describe the photo on the easel.  Easy to learn and play for hours of family game night fun!

  • 300 caption cards
  • 65 photocards
  • 1 easel
  • Improves creativity
  • Ages 8 and up

The Game of Life Junior Game

The Game of Life Junior Game

Why not start teaching your kids about Life as early as possible?  Dream jobs, houses, cars, family, and money, all things that you can acquire in a fun way with the Game of Life.

  • 4 fun, 3D cars
  • Collect 10 stars to win
  • Ages 5 and up
  • 2 – 4 players

This is our list of best fun family board games to play at home for your next family game night with the best games for 9 year olds (and these also work for large age ranges as you can see in each game features list).  After you spend some great time bonding and maybe even learning some things playing one of these board games, don’t forget to get some outdoor water toys for that next summer weekend to have some outdoor fun!


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