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Unicorns Unite! Protectors of the Rainbow with Starlux Games


Calling all Unicorns!  You are needed to protect the rainbow!

Given the current events of today and how different all of our lives look this spring and summer compared to the normal.  During these times, kids still need opportunities to have fun and bond with their parents and siblings.  This is where Starlux Games comes in with their newest game: Protectors of the Rainbow!  This is the perfect game to play with your family now at your house, then the perfect game for your kids and their friends to play anytime in the future.

Protectors of the Rainbow will give you and your kids an opportunity to spend time together as well as getting off the couch and moving, even if it’s only within the confines of your home.  Protectors of the Rainbow is a great alternative to spending time playing video games.  This is one of our most recommended games for families this summer!

How Do I Play Protectors Of The Rainbow?

It is quite simple, the leprechauns (or parents) will hide all of the gems from the rainbow.  Then. the unicorns, or kids, will search for all the hidden gems and bring them back to the rainbow for a colorful light display!

Unicorns Unite! Protectors of the Rainbow with Starlux Games
Protectors of the Rainbow by Starlux Games


What ages can play Protectors Of the Rainbow?

Starlux Games has done an amazing job with this game and they recommend this game for anyone 4 years old and up.  However, my opinion is you can play this with any age since the Unicorns will need to use teamwork to find all the gems, your older kids can help and guide the younger kids so everyone can play together.

How many people can play Protectors Of the Rainbow?

This game of strategy and teamwork can be played with any number of adults and kids.  Adults can work together to hide the gems and the kids can go find them.  Or give the kids a new perspective and let them hide the gems from the parent to see if they know any good hiding places that you may not.


Gameplay Video

Check out this clip of how to play and how much fun you will have once you get it.t


When all the gems are returned to the cloud, it can double as a nightlight in your child’s room!

Protectors of the Rainbow night light


Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign which ends soon to get your preorder in and be one of the first to own Protectors of the Rainbow!  You can check it out for purchase here.

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Protectors of the Rainbow Press Release
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