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10 Best Scooters for Teenagers

Our children are sitting inside on their gadgets and neglecting physical activity more and more each day. There was a time when children used to get on the road on their bikes, skateboards, and scooters to ride around. Today is different, and our teens need to get back out there and explore, so why not get them a scooter from our list of best scooters for teenagers!

best electric scooters for teenager

You need not worry because we have compiled a list of the best scooters for teenagers for you to look through and choose the best scooter for your teens. Scooters are a great way to entice your teenagers to go outside, get some fresh air, and be more active. Without further ado, let’s begin!

ToysModelCheck Price
Scooters for teensANCHEER Pro Scooter for Adults TeensBuy Now!
motorized scooters for teenagerRazor E300 Electric Scooter - Matte Gray<Buy Now!
best kick scooter for big guys
HUDORA 14695 Kick Scooters for Adults & Children Aged 10+Buy Now!
best trick scooters for tall riders
Fuzion Z350 Pro ScooterBuy Now!
best electric scooter for teenage girl
Razor E100 Electric Scooter - PinkBuy Now!
best stunt scooters for adults
Albott Pro Stunt Scooters Freestyle Trick Scooter
Buy Now!
best trick scooter for teenager
Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt ScooterBuy Now!
swing scooter for adults
AODI Kids Foldable Swing Scooter Adjustable Height KickBuy Now!
best kick scooters for 12 year olds
Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean 'N Glide ScooterBuy Now!
best foldable kick scooter for adults
HUDORA 180 Foldable Kick Scooter Height AdjustableBuy Now!

Best Scooters For Teenagers

ANCHEER Pro Scooters for Teens

Scooters for teens
Buy Now!

Who knew scooters could have suspension and such amazing tricks and jigs? The Ancheer kick Scooter is one of the best scooters for teenagers available. Below are some features that might interest you.


  • Foldable
  • Smooth dual suspension system, absorbing all the jumps when your children learn new tricks.
  • ABEC-7 bearings that reduce vibrations
  • 205mm diameter wheels for a smooth glide on all surfaces
  • Durable and powerful brakes bring the scooter to a stop safely and effectively
  • Soft rubber hand grips
  • Height adjustable handlebar with 3 different settings
  • Supports up to 200 pounds with Its highly durable aluminum alloy frame with a near-to-ground foot base gives you a stable ride, proving to be one of the best scooters for teenagers.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter For Teenagers

motorized scooters for teenager
Buy Now!

This scooter is yet again one of the best electric scooters for teenagers. The next birthday present for them is all sorted out.


  • The scooter is named Big wheels for a reason. With the front wheel being 230mm in diameter and the rear being 205mm, both PU cast wheels.
  • Fold-able and comes with straps
  • One of the reasons why the Hudora is one of the best scooters for teenagers is because of its spray-protected steel brakes. It makes the brakes sturdy, thus making them last longer and a strong grip on them.
  • The scooter is made from a reinforced aluminum deck and body, which ensures its durability and strong but lightweight. The deck has a rough surface that prevents your foot from slipping.

HUDORA 14695 Kick Scooters for Teenager & Adults

best kick scooter for big guys
Buy Now!

Here is the deal, advancement in every sport attracts children, and an electric scooter is the next big thing. The features that make this Razor electric scooter the Best kick scooter for big guys are mentioned down below.


  • Super-sized deck and frame.
  • It is one of the fastest scooters available by the Razor with a safe 15 mph of speed that allows you to enjoy your steady ride.
  • Twist grip acceleration steady control system.
  • 10 inch wide pneumatic tires which give it a smooth glide on any of the surfaces.
  • Containing a high torque chain motor, the Razor E300 electric scooter allows you to ride the scooter for about 40 to 45 minutes.
  • The charging time for this best scooter for teenagers is up to 12 hours.

Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter

best trick scooters for tall riders
Buy Now!

The Fuzion Cityglide B200 is easy to manage and access the best trick scooters for tall riders. The features are provided down below


  • This scooter has enlarged oversized tires.
  • An adjustable T-shaped handle that goes up to 3 different height levels.
  • Attached to this handle are an easily accessible hand brake and a large rear brake at the back.
  • Has an aluminum frame that can carry 220lbs.
  • Easy folding for efficient transport and carrying around.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter – Pink

best electric scooter for teenage girl
Buy Now!

Imagine the smile on your child’s face when you bring home this beauty. The Razor Company has done it again with its amazing scooter range. The Razor E125 Electric Scooter is the ultimate, entry-level electric scooter for teenage girls. The features have been enlisted below.


  • An efficient motor is what defines an electric scooter as the best electric scooter for adults commuting. Consider this concern checked because a high torque chain motor drives this adorable scooter anywhere you want it to go.
  • The adjustable T-handle has 3 levels of heights for it to be adjusted on. Along it has a tight rubber grip for a firm grip.
  • The speed of the scooter goes up to 10 mph, but it needs to be kick-started on foot to reach 3 mph at first. It also contains well-protected front brakes.
  • The charging time of the Razor scooter is 12 hours after which you can enjoy a full 40 minutes of uninterrupted smooth drive to the park.
  • This best electric scooter under $200 (Razor E125 Electric scooter) even comes with a warranty. It provides a warranty of 90 days

Albott Pro Stunt Scooters Freestyle Trick Scooter

best stunt scooters for adults
Buy Now!

If your child is much of a stunt man, then the Royal Guard Stunt Scooter is what you need. Stunt scooters are designed for people who like to try unusual yet awestriking stunts and experience the adrenaline rush while doing so. However, scooters being used in this way do not last very long. But not the Royal Guard Stunt Scooter which is built to endure all the rough it is soon to receive. The specifications below make it the best stunt scooter for adults this year.


  • Since it is a stunt scooter, what counts the most here are strength and durability. It uses TIG high-grade welding technique with neat joints. The heat treatment process makes the metal harder.
  • Aluminum is used in the making of this scooter. Aluminum is known for its lightweight, which makes it easier for your child to carry out all the rehearsed stunts in front of their pals.
  • When you are a stunt man, brakes are very important. The Royal Guard Stunt Scooter ensures flex brakes for smoother and an immediate break to your scooter. Not only has this but it also put an end to the rattling issue which most scooters have.
  • A good set of grips is one of the most essential things to have on a stunt scooter. Until you have a strong grip on your vehicle, there are numerous chances of slipping and injuring yourself during these stunts. This scooter uses comfortable ribbed grips for a full hold on your scooter.
  • The deck is specially designed for stunts by beginners. Wide but not too much to make it unbalanced. Just perfect.
  • This scooter uses high rebound wheels which are indeed just what you need for your stunts. Actually, a high rebound means the ability to regain distorted shapes. These wheels are ideal because there will be a lot of damage and distortion, and you do not want to purchase a new pair each time that happens.

Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Best Trick Scooter For Teens

best trick scooter for teenager


Buy Now!

When we talk about Lucky scooters, we already know we are looking at the best scooters for teenagers. These scooters are multi-tasking, built for regular use as well as performing stunts by professionals. Specs and features are enlisted below for a better vision. However, the Lucky scooters do not seal the deal with this only, they understand the importance of styles and designs. Lucky Prospect scooter comes in a range of colors and designs for their customers to choose from.


  • The deck is about 4.50W x 19.50L integrated deck with the head tube placed at an 82.5 degree to the deck.
  • It utilizes TCS compression along with the Lucky DUBL clamp
  • The aluminum forks used are from the Lucky Huracan 6061 series, the best of its name.
  • The Lucky scooter has Lucky Lunar 110mm hollow core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings for a smooth glide.

AODI Kids Foldable Scooter

swing scooter for adults
Buy Now!

Not all scooters are for professionals, and why should they be? Why the rest miss out on the fun? The AODI motion scooters are something everyone can use for mere outdoor sports. It is perfect for beginners and is the best scooter for teenagers and younger kids of 7 years old and above. What makes it so easy to use and handy? Check out the features given below.


  • Your 3 wheel electric scooter for kids can adjust the height of the scooter up to 3 levels of 95cm to 110cm.
  • The frame of the scooter is made from heavy-duty durable metal, thus less prone to severe damage.
  • It contains not 2 but 3 wheels which are perfect for maintaining balance and reducing the risk of several injuries.
  • The 2 rear tires and their respective decks can easily be folded to be transported wherever you desire.
  • This Swing scooter for adults can carry a weight of up to 220lbs.

Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean ‘N Glide Scooter

best kick scooters for 12 year olds
Buy Now!

This kick scooter is best for 12-year-olds who like to have fun. Riding along with your pals in a race, you would know exactly what to do to increase the speed; kick more. The adrenaline rush has its own flavor in the game. Lookout further into the joy of gliding along the.


  • The tires are 5-inch wheels for stability and rolling smoothly. These are also made of PU high quality to ensure your life’s best glide.
  • The metal used is highly durable, which is perfect for even younger kids.
  • The aluminum folding mechanism allows you to take the scooter fun anywhere you go.
  • You will always need good quality grips to secure control on the scooter, which this scooter offers by TPR non-slip bars.
  • A two-year construction warranty is also provided to the customers. What else could one want?

HUDORA 180 Foldable Kick Scooter Height Adjustable Handle

best foldable kick scooter for adults
Buy Now!

Hudora kick scooters are the ultimate sport for those looking for one. These are some of the top-ranked scooter manufacturing companies with experience of over 14 years. These Hudora 205 Folding Kick Scooter is not only the best scooters for teenagers but is also being used by an adult all around Europe. The specific specs and features have been enlisted below for your ease.


  • First off, the scooter body is made from lightweight Aluminum material. Its body is also proven to be rust-proof as well as strong and durable.
  • The folding facility is yet again provided by the Hudora Company. This folding mechanism allows its users to fold the scooter in one single step, put it in the car, and you are off to a fresh picnic with your family.
  • Large-sized PU wheels of 205 mm ensure stability in your ride.
  • Soft rubber grips allow the users to keep a hold of the scooter in any case of emergencies.
  • The most favorite feature of this best electric scooter for adults 250 lbs is that it can endure a weight capacity of up to 100 kg. This is the best ride for any age group, not just your teenagers.
  • Hudora is a renowned manufacturing company that is confident about the materials of its products. However, even still if a customer has any complaints in this regard, they are more than welcome to contact the company and avail their warranty. The best foldable kick scooter for adults has a warranty of one year from the date of the purchase

Wrapping up the Best Scooters For Teens

Before you go buy your very first scooter for your teenager, it is important to understand the specs, pros, and cons. We have provided a plethora of information so you can choose wisely depending on your needs. Hopefully, you found what you came looking for and your kids will be enjoying their scooters for years to come!

If your kids like ride-on toys and want something other than a scooter, check out some of our top ride-on cars for kids!


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