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What Are The Best Outdoor Water Toys For Toddlers?

Summer is in full swing and your children want to play outside all day, everyday, so we are here to help with our list of best outdoor water toys for toddlers.  Nothing helps beat the summer heat more than some water toys for toddlers.  These toys will keep your child busy for hours while keeping them cool and allowing parents to relax while watching their toddler play with their new favorite outdoor water toy.  In our list of best outdoor water toys for toddlers, we tried to pick different types of toys (water tables, splash pads, inflatable water toys, etc.) to give the best variety and many options so hopefully one will be great for your children.

Best Water Toys For Toddlers

Little Tikes Flowin’ Fun Water Table For Toddlers

outdoor water toys for toddlers

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Water tables are the most popular water toy for toddlers this summer, so naturally, they are out of stock in most places.  As of writing this, this water table is in stock and available for you to buy for your toddlers!  This outdoor water toy for your toddler will provide endless hours of fun when you connect it to a hose or dump water in the top tower.  It has 13 interchangeable pipes so you or your kids can change the configuration and have endless possibilities of fun!  This is definitely one of the best water tables for toddlers to use in your backyard.


Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table – Backyard Water Toys For Toddlers

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Another option for a water table that your toddler and all their friends or siblings can use at the same time.  This one has been going in and out of stock while we were looking at this, but it is one of the most popular outdoor water toys for toddlers this year so we wanted to make sure to include it on our list.  Check it out and see if you are lucky enough to be able to get it.  Your kids will love this water table and get enjoyment out of it all summer long.

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids, Splash Pad, and Wading Pool – Backyard Water Sprinkler Toy

backyard water toys for toddlers

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Other than water tables, splash pads are another popular outside water toy for toddlers.  They are multi-purpose since they can be used like a sprinkler, a shallow pool, or tons of splashing fun.  One of the simplest and most cost-effective outdoor water toys for toddlers.  This particular outside water toy for toddlers also has a learning component built-in with the alphabet and animals in the base of the pool area.  When your kid is having tons of fun in their backyard water toy, they can work on their ABCs too!

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Glow Baby Pool

outdoor water toys for toddlers

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When it comes to talking about the best summer backyard water toys for toddlers, no list is complete with a simple inflatable pool.  An inflatable pool is a classic among backyard water toys for kids, you can blow it up, fill it up, and your kids can cool off or have fun splashing alongside their friends and parents.  This pool has an inflatable bottom so it will be more comfortable to sit in even if it is on uneven ground, and holds up to 22 gallons of water.  A simple pool will forever be one of the best backyard water toys for toddlers, you can’t go wrong getting one for your friends or family.

HITOP Water Guns for Kids – Water Toys For Toddlers


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Another quintissential water toy in every kids arsenal, a squirt gun.  This 3 pack is perfect for the whole family.  You can have family water gun fights; what kids won’t get enjoyment out of soaking their parents?!    Another good thing about these, is if you combine then with the inflatable pool above, or really any of theo ther toys on this list, they work perfectly together.  Everyone will enjoy squirting each other and staying cool while playing in a pool, splash pad, or at a water table.

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Bunch O Balloons – 420 Rapid-Fill Water Balloons Toys For Toddlers


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The final toy on our list of best outdoor water toys for toddlers is this massive pack of water balloons.  In the days of current parents, we would have to fill and tie every water balloon, one at a time.  Now this pack of water balloons allows you to fill and tie an entire bunch of water balloons all at the same time, allowing you and your children to get to the fun even quicker.  That is why this one makes the list of the best outdoor water toys for toddlers.

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