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How Do I Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger?

How do I charge Power Wheels Battery without charger? What will happen if your kid has somehow misplaced the charger or the battery of their motorized car?  They might get sad because they wanted to go out and have fun with the friends.  But now it’s time to get creative and thinking about the best way to charge a power wheels battery!

Now you might be thinking that how is it possible! Well this is the time when you need to think about your creative mindset and get a quick learning that how to charge a power wheels battery charger without the charger.  Right in this blog post we will be giving you some of the suggestions which can let you get guidance about charging a ride-on vehicle when you are not able to found a charger.

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how to charge a toy car battery without chargerPower Wheels Fast Charger
power wheels battery charger 12vPower Wheels 00801-1778 Charger, 12 Volt
power wheels battery charged but not workingAutomatic 12V Quick Charger for Power Wheels

Solution 1: Charging Power Wheels Battery With Car Charger

how to charge a toy car battery without charger

The first solution which we are about to discuss is related with the concept to charge it with the car battery.  You just need to rig up your connector and then you can charge your power wheels battery 6v right through the use of car battery. We are sure that you don’t want your battery to get burn up, therefore, it is important to get an idea about few basic things before you set yourself to the charging.

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You need to be careful about checking the voltage of the power wheels battery 12v.  The first thing which you need to be careful about is that you should establish that the battery has been set with the unwanted series of voltage. This will be completely depending on the vehicle which you are using. Older models are available with the 6v batteries whereas with the new one you will be able to get the single 12v battery.

As we talk about the power wheels battery 6v battery alternative / Power wheels 12v battery alternative, they have been all designed in order to charge the limitation of maximum 15 volts.  Hence by topping it up with any course of the 2amp can instantly fry your battery.  The best thing is that most of the car batteries are available in this range and they do have the output which is around 10-15A charge.  Many of them would not be able to exceed at the range of 14.6 volts even though if the engine has been running.

You should have a complete know-how when it comes to identifying the negative as well as positive connections of charging peg perego battery with car charger.  You should have a clear knowledge about the + and – over the battery.  As you are confirmed with all the facts, you just need to hook your improvised connectors upon the battery posts and get an idea that how it is working.  For the safety purposes, make sure you monitor it completely and connect it with the safe 2A trickle charger.

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Solution 2: Charging it Directly With Your Power Supply

power wheels battery charger 12v

Its a common question asked how long do you charge a power wheels 6 volt battery? The 2nd basic solution on our list would be charging power wheels battery 6v directly with the power supply.  Majority of the lead form of batteries can effectively get charged all through the access of power supply in which it is featuring with some adjustable voltage and current limiting.  This will let your kid to stay in luck if you are having some functional power supply.

The first stage would be determining the power wheels battery charger voltage after which you have to set the current limit as well as required voltage.  For example, if you want to charge around 12-volt power wheels battery, then it is important that you should be setting the power supply at the course of 12V, 2A to easily charge.

This same condition will be taking place in view with the 6-volt power wheels battery as well. You can opt for the 6v, 2A but at the same time you should be limiting the charging current if in case you have overshot the entire standard 6.8v, 2A. If you want to stay on the safe side, then it would be better to look forward in adding the resistor. This is needed in case if at some point of time the battery has failed to withstand the adjusted current.

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Solution 3: Making your Own Home-Made Charger

power wheels battery charged but not working

Our third solution is about your own creativity where you have to make your own homemade battery power!  This is quite an interesting option if power wheels 12v battery not charging. You can think about inventing some backup small charger which your kid can use each single time they have run out of the original charger. The whole process of making the homemade charger is quite simple and straightforward.

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver.
  • Multi-meter.
  • Wire cutting tool.
 Now let’s have a step by step guide discussion about it: 
<b>First Step</b>,
You have to first of all gather all the major components in which we have laptop charger as well as Step down converter (DC to DC) with some Alligator clips (2).
<b>Second Step</b>,
In the next step you need to modify the laptop adapter. The adapter would not be able to hook up the power hills battery within the current configuration. You have to cut down the major laptop’s adapter jack. Through the use of cutting tool, you have to simply remove off the main wire’s outer shield. Be careful as the 2 wires might get messed up together.
<strong>Third Step</strong>,
In the third step you have to connect your Step down Converter Module. For your help we will be breaking it into two different process stages.   You have to first of all connect the main step down module within the adapter wires.

Red is used to symbolize the positive and black is used to display negative.  You have to choose the module and let it get connected with the red wiring towards the module’s positive (marked IN+). Next, you have to insert the black wiring towards the negative (marked IN-). Don’t forget to tighten the respective screw terminals. Now just smoothly connect the main alligator clip.

<b>Forth Step</b>,
This step is the final step! not need to overcharge power wheels battery You have to plug the adapter power and then you need to connect the main 2 alligator clips over the multi-meter. The black will be making its way to multi-meter’s negative lead and red will head towards the positive.

You have to set the required series of the voltage that is reading on the multi-meter then you have to turn the voltage Potention meter by using the screwdriver until and unless the multi-meter reads the 14 volts. If you want to use the charger, you have to connect the main alligator clips towards the power wheels battery suitably.

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Important pro tips about how to charge power wheels battery without charger?

 Now below we will be discussing some of the basic and pro tips about power wheels battery charger green light: 
  • how to test a power wheels battery and if you want to convert ride on car to remote control, You should not be making an effort in which you are short circuiting your main battery’s supply terminals. It might do not bring the accurate results and can even cause the explosion.
  • Before you plan to charge the power wheels battery upgrade, you have to investigate the main case for the cracking and different damages. This might cause the risky sulfuric acid to somehow leak during the time of charging car battery in power wheels.
  • if your power wheels won’t go forward then another important reminder is about the storage of the battery power. You should not be storing your discharged power wheels battery walmart as it might possibly would not be able to completely pull through the colder months.

Important Considerable factors while choosing a power wheels battery and charger

As we all know that like any other type of Power wheels device or gadgets, battery life plays a vital role to make ensure the continue usability of your car. Its all depending on the size and the design of the power wheels Different batteries consisting a different qualities to ensure the reliability of the vehicle.

It is also in to our knowledge that overcharge power wheels battery or over use power wheels battery can cause a serious damage and shorter the life of a device, It is always most important to check the condition of battery before using power wheels.

We have here enlisted few factors which must to be considered at the time of select best power wheels batteries for your motorized car.

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Compatibility is one of the most considerable factor in choosing a best power wheels battery, If you are not sure about the specification and will it help you or not, you can check out the product manual for better understanding.

The appropriate power wheel battery will ensure a longer lasting battery lifespan and provide a safe ride for your loved ones.

Power wheels battery safety and security

The acids and the chemicals which use to makeup of a battery is most important to ensure as it is the responsible for overall performance and durability of the ride on car. Most important feature which you need to be consider that it must be rechargeable and can easily operates at minimum 6 volt.

Always understand the total requirement of a power wheels you have because the size and voltage of battery varies as per different model and designs.

Who actually manufactured it?

As we all knows that a big number of manufacturers who always claim to produce premium quality products but you should have to be very careful at the time of purchase from local manufacturers, always try to buy the product from the well known company or franchiser.

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FAQs About How To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger

Question: How can you charge a power wheels battery?

Answer: You have to look for the charger that has been included with the Power Wheels® vehicle to charge the battery. Just simply plug the main charger right into the standard wall outlet. You should not be plugging the charger into the ceiling outlet

Question: Is it possible to overcharge any Power Wheels battery?

Answer: Well we will not be recommending you with the overcharging use of the power wheels battery because it is not effective at all. You should be using it with great caution. You should either avoid overcharging it or charging it for an enough long time.

Question: How can you charge a 12v battery?

Answer: You can charge power wheels battery 12v by connecting the main 12-volt battery right into the battery charger by means of attaching the black side of the negative cable from the main charger towards the negative terminal of the 12-volt battery.

Question: For how long time the power wheel battery last?

Answer: If power wheel battery is not charging first thing is come in our mind is power wheels battery replacement if possible, It will survive for at least one to three years. Average battery has the life span of around one to three years and your question solved here about “power wheels battery charged but not working”


We hope that this guide would have helped you a lot to know about How to charge Power Wheels Battery without charger.  The solutions which we mentioned right here are quite easy and straight forward.  If you are not able to look for a charger to charge your kid motorized car, then follow the guidelines above and charge it right now!

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