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How To Tell If Power Wheels Battery Is Charging Or Not?

Do you want to know How to tell if power wheels battery Is charging or not? or Are you curious to know about how you can easily test your power wheels battery? Well if yes, then right here we have got everything covered for you in this guide book!

Most of the customers have been facing issues when it comes to get an idea about the power wheel batteries after few months of their inactivity.  It might possibly stop cooperating or even might stop working completely. This is the point when you hit you mind to think about the fact that do you need a new battery or you have to charge the old one! So this guide will give you an idea about how do I know if my power wheels battery is charging!

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What are the main causes of a dead battery?

If your Power Wheels battery has been died and is not working in accordance to your requirements, then probably there are so many reasons behind it.  If you think that your battery has died because it has stopped functioning then you are completely wrong with this concept. You can revive the dead battery easily and can use it all over again by following certain tips and tricks.

One of the biggest reasons of the dead battery is in view with the long inactivity periods.  If you will be putting the battery at one side throughout the whole winter season and plan to reuse it in the spring season, then there are maximum chances that it will not work.  But it does not mean that you have to purchase a fresh battery all over again.

12 volt power wheels battery

Even though if you have charged the battery completely and still you are not using it for so long months, then there are chances that it won’t work after 3-4 months. This is probably because the natural discharge rating has been slowly kicked out into the effect and the battery discharges in just few months.

No matter whatsoever type of the battery you have been using, overcharging the battery is not a good idea at all. This can ruin the whole effectiveness of the battery life.  At the same time, taking some small breaks before the battery charging can even render its whole unresponsive.  No trick can be used at this point so, it is important to stay alert and caution when you overcharge power wheels battery.

 Below we are discussing some of the important points which you probably need to avoid for causing a dead battery: 
  • You should not be charging your battery at the stretchable time of more than 12-14 hours.
  • If you want best results, then you should remove off the battery and let the toy be stored at one place for few months.
  • If you want to counter with the battery’s discharging rate, you have to charge it once and for all for at least 8 hours after 2-3 months.

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How to test a power wheels battery?

Now here we will be discussing about how to test a power wheels battery! Any traditional charger which is included with your power toy wheels they are not capable enough to test the power wheels battery upgrade. All the wall mount chargers are not equipped with the ability to test the battery.

6 volt power wheels battery

If you feel that you can use the smart charger for checking it, then probably the answer can be little bit different.  Most of the smart chargers have been equipped with the ability to test the battery’s charge, but they are not always accurate with their results.

If you are letting your power wheels battery to stay idle for a couple of months, and then get it connected with the smart power wheels battery charger 12v, it might possibly be receiving negligible voltage and might fail to identify the battery. You should not be surprised at all if the error light has been pop up high.

Here I have video for you which helps you to find the answer of how do you know when a power wheel battery is charged?

How to bring power wheels battery back to life?

According to us, parallel charge is the best power wheels problems solutions with the help of which you can easily bring the dead battery back to life.  Below we have some simple steps to bring the dead battery back to its life:

power wheels battery charger 12v

  • how do you know if a power wheels battery is charging, you need to completely charge another battery which is equipped with the similar voltage as the power wheels battery. This can be either the power wheels battery charger 12 volt or even the power wheels battery charger 6 volt.
  • You have to initially connect the negative as well as positive spade connectors right through the power battery wheels to their own respective terminals over fully charged battery.
  • The battery which has been discharged will start to draw some amount of voltage from parallel battery. This will enable the combined voltage to be less than the 12 volts or even 6 volts.
  • Now you have to plug your charger into circuit. As the light turns green in color, you have to instantly remove off the parallel 12v power wheels battery. Now you have to attach the charger clamps only to power wheels battery’s charging plug leads.
  • Until and unless the light does not turn green, you have to keep on charging them for a few hours. This green light gives an indication that the power wheels battery has been completely charged.

How to modify charging power wheels battery charger with car charger?

Now let us guide you a little about how you can modify charging power wheels battery with car charger! It is possible to modify the battery charging power but you need to be little cautious about with some measures.  You have to make sure that the battery has been matched with the motor.

charging power wheels battery with car charger

Ride on car mostly uses the SLA style battery for improving the amperage of your battery, you have to use some replaceable fuse or some powerful breaker which will definitely give the answer of mostly asked question how do you know when a power wheel battery is charged?.  For increasing the voltage of 18 volts to around 24 volts, you have to get equivalent volt charger as well.

How to test a 12 volt power wheels battery?

If in case your 12v power wheels battery charger quite a lot exceeds this number, or is completely inserting out much less or even zero volts then it’s time to exchange your Power Wheels charger. Replacing this faulty unit may additionally take care of the battery difficulty as well, relying on if any injury used to be achieved to the battery from the inaccurate charger – which is now not extraordinarily common, however we do see it from time to time. If your Power Wheels charger has examined good, then we want to see what voltage your battery is presently sitting at.

Here i have to share you how you can let know your battery is charging or not.

If the battery is 12.6 volts or above?

If the battery is at 12.6 volts or above then it has taken a full charge, alternatively the potential of the battery can also have diminished so low that it is unable to preserve sufficient strength to go the Power Wheels toy for any prolonged quantity of time. This is generally the case with batteries that are three years or older, or batteries that have been left out throughout an iciness storage duration for a season or more.

If the battery is below 12.6 volts however above 11.8 volts?

If this is the case, then there is a true threat that the Power Wheels battery is on the decline. Over a length of time insulating is a massive problem with lead based totally batteries – this is the method of crystals forming on the bad plates of the battery a proscribing the quantity of lively fabric that can characteristic in the battery, inflicting a loss in potential and a resistance to accepting a full charge.

12v power wheels battery upgrade

This kind of battery does have a risk to get better some of its capability through the usage of one of the more modern model chargers on it, on the other hand if you did not already have this charging unit you might also discover that it charges as a whole lot as getting a new Power Wheels battery.

If the battery is 11.8 volts or below?

The battery might also have “dropped a cell” – a frequent reason of failure of any lead acid based totally battery in which there is a damaged weld in the battery inflicting a useless brief or severe loss of power. The Power Wheels battery would want to be replaced.

How to tell if power wheels battery is charging (FAQ’s)


Question: How do I know if my power wheels battery is charging?

Answer: If your battery power has been on the charging mode for at least 18 hours, then it is probably completely charged.  You can charge the battery for at least 14 hours before using it for your vehicle.

Question: How to tell if a power wheels battery is charged?

Answer: If you are charging power wheels battery first time as the power wheels battery gets completely charged, it will blink with the power wheels 12v battery charger green light signal for you. This signal will warn you the moment when you have to remove off the battery from charging mode.

Question: What happens if you don’t charge power wheels battery for 18 hours?

Answer: If you are letting your power wheels battery to stay idle for a couple of months, and then get it connected with the smart charger, it might possibly be receiving negligible voltage and might fail to identify the battery.

Question: How to charge a power wheels battery without the charger?

Answer: Some of the common question asked from the parents that power wheels battery charged but not working? First you have to make sure that the battery has been matched with the motor. Ride on car mostly uses the SLA style battery.

Question: How long do you charge a power wheels 6 volt battery?

Answer: Normally people are expecting to completely charge 6V in  2 or 3 hours with a normal charger, But if you are using a super fast charger then your power wheels battery can be charge even in an hour. As we all know that trickle charger for power wheels are easily available in market which need to take 6 to 12 hours to charge your ride on toy properly until it get full.

Question: How long to charge power wheels 12v battery?

Answer: You must have to charge 12 volt battery for power wheels at least 18 hours from the normal battery charger not quick one until it get fully charged.


Electrical Hazard & Prevent Fire

  • If you don’t use appropriate battery or charger for your power wheels it may cause serious injury by explosion. Use of the wrong type battery or charger could cause a fire or explosion resulting
    in serious injury.
  • Always use ideal component in your power wheels which must have match it because, every products have their own specification and voltage control circuits.
  • Battery must be always handled by adults because dropping of it cause serious injury.
  • Never allow your children’s to charge battery.
  • Must read the safety instructions before charging the battery.
  • Before put your battery on charge, you should have to examine the charger and its all connector to decrease the chances of electric explosion.

Safety Features To Consider For Ride On Toys

  • Make sure the usage of power wheels under the supervision of adults.
  • Never ever tried to ride at night time.
  • Always allow children to ride under the limited surroundings
  • Away from the water tanks and the pools to prevent from the drowning.
  • Make sure to step backward from the inclines and traffic roads.
  • Always sit on the seat.
  • Always wear shoes.
  • Only 2 rides at a time is enough for play.


So this was an end of discussion about how do I know when my power wheels battery is charged! We have already explained the few basic and important guidelines with you right above and all the guidelines will let you know better that how you can easily charge your battery and know its charging testing. Follow the guidelines and tips carefully and get your battery all charged without any stress.


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