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What Are The Best Solar System Toys For Toddlers

The toys are the main entertainment of children and Best Solar system toys for toddlers have been popular in every age of children. They develop a child’s sense of independence and trust in his daily life.

This helps parents to ensure that their children are busy even without paying close attention. These toys are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use as they allow the child to drive practically anyplace.

Solar system toys for toddlers will help to understand the system very clearly and will remember it for a long time. These toys are designed based on your child’s age and some other factors that we have described in this post

solar system toys for kids



Do you want to educate your children about the solar system?

It is not very easy to teach them something similar to the solar system in theory, since these are not visible to the naked eye. You can give them textbooks related to the solar system to read. But the theory is always boring and difficult to remember.

The best way to give a clear picture of the solar system in small minds is to give them some physical objects like the best solar system toys. For this purpose, the solar system toys are available on the market.

We have therefore selected ten of the best solar system toys for toddlers; so as to also give you gift ideas for communion, birth anniversary or other occasion. You will be amazed at the beauty of these products and, perhaps, you will also be tempted to buy them for yourself.

Following is the list of best solar system and planet toys.

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle

solar system planets toys

The solar system floor puzzle Melissa & Doug includes 48 pieces of extra thick cardboard that children can easily assemble; the finished puzzle shows beautiful original works of art.

This solar system puzzle features an easy-to-clean surface that keeps your puzzle new, making it easy to clean up after accidental spills. Puzzle is designed to help children develop strong problem solving skills by helping them develop hand-eye coordination.

This solar system floor puzzle is an ideal gift for children aged 3 to 6. The Melissa & Doug Farm Cube set to complete the puzzle game experience and give kids another captivating option for screen less fun.

Melissa & Doug created wonderfully designed imagination and creativity by creating products that NBC News called “the gold standard in early childhood. We design each toy according to the highest quality standards and to feed minds and hearts.


  • It enhances the toddler’s reasoning skills.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It improves the toddler’s coordination of senses.
  • It develops the problem solving skills.
  • Make the kids creative.

Bella Said,

What a nice solar system toys for 4 years old to teach about the solar system!!! My 4 and a half year old daughter always wants to learn new things and when I gave her this solar system puzzle Melissa and Doug was so happy. It bent over the planets in a few days. It has such magic that it used to organize this puzzle a few times a day.


The puzzle pieces are sturdy enough and don’t tear easily so well for a child. Each piece is interconnected in such a way that after starting to assemble the pieces, buying each planet becomes so easy to complete it.

The image is very bright and vibrant. The pieces are colorful, no worries about the wooden flakes coming out or the wood dust as when playing with some wooden puzzles. The pieces are cut in such a way that the cute little hands can easily put them together.

All the planets are beautifully named on them and each part is connected in such a way that after a few tries your little one can easily organize it.

4M Solar System Planetarium

solar system toys for 6 year olds

The Solar System Planetarium Set teaches children the wonders of the solar system. Just assemble, paint and learn. This best space toy for 5 year old set includes planets, stencils, glow pen, sticks, twine, a filled wall chart and 10 sets of questions on Kids Quiz. Assembly instructions included. No batteries are needed.

Challenge your child’s imagination with 4M toys and kits. 4M educational toys cover a wide range of educational subjects and include science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits and more. 4M offers a wide range of toys and kits to make you build a clock crochet a placemat or turn your room into a planetarium full of learning fun.


  • Art meets science with the models of the Kids Labs solar system.
  • Assemble, paint and learn.
  • Kit includes planets, stencils, glow pen, chopsticks, twine, a filled wall chart and 10 sets of questions on Kids Quiz.
  • No battery required.
  • Transform children into the idea of ​​leaving a smaller carbon footprint.


A fantastic set, fun and easy to put together and fun for children (My four year old daughter loved doing it .Assemble and hang first, then paint (so that the planets don’t look like two halves joined together). We hung ours in the shower to paint for easy cleaning and had a great time painting them as they turned around.


There are about 31 pieces in total. Each planet is in 2 pieces, there are individual hangers and therefore the crossbar to hang them. Total pieces put together 8 planets, a sun, hooks (which remained good for us), fishing line, two rods and the round piece in which the poles go. It has the sun. It also has the paints included along with some glare in the dark highlighted paint. The pieces must be painted and then joined together. Hope it can help! The big yellow one is the sun. Everything you needed was also included paint and twine.

Lehoo Castle Building Toys

solar system model toys

This construction set includes 109 pieces. Challenge your children to create creative projects. Suitable for boys and girls aged 5 to 8 years, designed to support the child’s creativity as they grow up. It is a perfect toy to encourage learning space shuttle knowledge in young children. Space capsule + Rocket + Lunar lander + Astronaut 4 in 1 scientific and educational assembly kit,  a new type of educational toy capable of exercising the ability of hand and brain coordination and spatial perception.


  • Cultivate Cognitive Ability.
  • Develop Fine Motor Skill.
  • Foster Logic Thinking.
  • Promote the Imagination & Creativity.
  • Feed up Parents’ Time.
  • Best solar system toys for toddlers.

Jannie Fernandez.

This set is fantastic! I bought it for my son for this upcoming Christmas, but I opened it to see what it really was and will love it! He absolutely loves building / putting together toys and this is his first space themed set. The parts are very well put together; they have a good weight, not just a little cheap plastic.


Come with the instruction manual that analyzes how to assemble construction toys and develop knowledge about the space capsule, rocket, lunar lander and astronaut. Using natural rubber, the material is very healthy for children and painted with environmentally friendly material, not harmful to children. All parts are robust and durable, made of high quality harmless and non-toxic rubber. Great birthday present | Children’s Day | Christmas | Chanukah | Easter | STEM | summer camp activities back to school.

Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse | Space Rocket Toys For 5 Year Olds

solar system toys for 7 year olds


Your kids will love the Galactic Rocket Ship play tent. It will inspire their ever-growing imagination. They will also be happy to share the play tent with brothers and friends as they take on roles such as astronauts, captains, space explorations, aliens and more. The Galactic Rocket Ship play tent is the best solar system toys for toddlers that is used multiple times in various games and unique ways.  It is a great gift or addition to a themed party, a birthday, a picnic or a sleepover. It is beautifully illustrated. It is Recognizable planets including Earth Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and more.


  • Quick assembly
  • Mesh windows for ventilation and observation.
  • Small packages for storage and travel toy rocket launcher.
  • Transport bag with zip and handles.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 51 x 40 x 40 inches allows 2 or 3 children to play indoors.
  • Drawings and illustrations are copyright of Imperil. All rights reserved.

KASY H Said.

This is exactly as represented. Shipped quickly, the colors are fantastic! I took it for my son’s kindergarten. They are learning space toys for 5 year old. It 5’4 “and can feel good with my 5 year old and have more than enough space! Shipped quickly and it is really fantastic! Oh and the stars outside are illuminated by the dark 🙂


Vivid detailed illustrations on the outside and inside of the tent will make your child’s imagination fly. Use theater as a learning tool to teach planets, galaxies and other celestial bodies. An exclusive illustration of the two-person cockpit on the inside floor encourages cooperative play. The illustrations also include stars, comets, galaxies, the moon and spacecraft. The floor is a detailed illustration of the cockpit with seats, steering wheel, buttons and monitors. Precision stitching, fabric quality and sturdy fiberglass rods make the tent resistant. This toy Reinforced pockets for temples.

Qurious Space | STEM Flash Card Game |


Solar System Educational Toys

There has never been a funnier way to get to know and explore the space and history of human exploration of space in Qurious Space. In this exclusive double-sided card game, players of all age’s kids. It is Interactive solar system toys for kids and educational card game for the whole family. Great for players of all skill levels, ages 3 and up. 3 distinct games offer hours of fun as they teach and help players memorize space, scientific and NASA facts. Qurious helps players develop a healthy love of solving problems!. The fast-paced Match and Trivia games ensure that no one can dominate until the last card is played.

How many earth and space facts do you really know?

Qurious  is designed to give everyone the same chance of winning. The ways of playing are limited only by your imagination. Play basic or advanced, all using a deck of cards with the rules you set..


  • It’s a Learning Knowledge toy.
  • Help kids understand the relationship between the part and the whole.
  • Challenge kids to use their imagination to create different models.
  • It makes a child curious about space.
  • Also an educational model.
  • Best space toys for 6 year olds.

Garf Said,

I gave it to my 6-year-old great-granddaughter. How could I not have gone to the Space Needle with her last summer? I love the fact that this game was created by a mother / daughter team and not by another unnamed company. I have been told that the game is well made and is of high quality.


Each deck includes curiosities and information about the solar system to help young students develop skills and knowledge while playing. Curious Space packs hours of fun in a durable and compact collector’s box. Play anywhere and never worry about losing cards or messing around! Ideal for work, camping, swimming pool, beach, long car rides, holidays. It’s a Stack able, light and easy to store for school and / or the field.

Solar System 3D Crystal Ball

Solar System Toys for Preschoolers


This toy Come with plastic stand and gift box, Valentine’s Day gift for boy / girl, best gift for kids, astronomer, lover of the universe, physics teacher, boy, classmates and so on.  The Galaxy crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room, the ideal decoration for your bedroom, living room and office to show an elegant lifestyle.it is illuminating base with seven colors, which makes the Galaxy crystal ball more beautiful and magical in the dark.

This crystal toy is designed with a handheld size of 3 inches in diameter; you can easily hold it in your hand or take it away anywhere in the bag. Uses advanced 3D internal carving and flame extraction technology, features 8 realistic and solid planets of the solar system within the planet’s toys (not including Pluto).


  • Made with high-end K9 crystal, it makes the crystal ball more transparent and shiny.
  • Perfect educational ball for children, physics teacher or anyone interested in the universe.
  • This classic transparent crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room, especially to the decoration of your office, living room or bedroom.
  • This is Great gift box, perfect gift.
  • Best space learning tool.
  • Solar system model toys.

SOOZ Said,

It’s a solar system toys for preschoolers. I bought it for my nursery schools and the children are thrilled mainly because it comes on. I also bought books about the planets to read before showing them the globe for the first time. We turn on the illuminated base at the time of the nap and if it is dark enough in the room the light reflects on the ceiling. So far the light works well. It’s not something to play with; we keep it on a shelf. I am very happy with this toy.


It has very transparent material. Every planet seems in bright colors. In fact, the correct number of moons is carefully shown (small dots) in the appropriate place. The sun and planets seem sized in the correct ratio. we can say it’s a best solar system toys for toddlers.

The two gas giants on opposite sides. The set is organized in two pieces, base and sphere. Not attacked, but both heavy enough to be stable. One feature – if a small button is pressed on the base – the globe lights up. Not only white light but Colored light cycles (60 seconds) starting with green, yellow, pink, purple light etc.. And this process repeats until the power is turned off.

USA Toyz LED Constellation Globe for Kids

olar system toys for 5 year olds

The interactive STEM toy presents a detailed geography of the terrestrial globe, constellations of the LED globe and a plug night light. It discovers 88 constellations, stars and navigation lines in the dark; an illustrated constellation booklet is included.

It became a wizard of the globes of the world! Use the interactive globe app to learn more about astronomy and geography.  Our plug in the world globe measures 13.5 “in height (from base to top) and 9” in diameter; includes a durable chromed steel globe holder and a replaceable LED globe bulb.


  • It is best geographical toy.
  • It enhances the knowledge of kids.
  • This toy gives the vision about other countries.
  • Children would b known with their neighbors’ countries.
  • This solar system learning toys really helpful in education.
  • Best solar system toys for 5 year olds.

Timila Said,

I was looking for something to decorate my room with, and that’s a perfect thing. Get a globe with that glow and it has several constellations with description. The bulb can be replaced easily and the holder is also very resistant. The globe also has cities very informatively labeled for adults and children.


This globe is really informative. The print on the globe is so clear that everyone can read even the smallest word very easily. The capital of most countries is included by indicating a star in a circle. In addition, the main major cities of the country are also included.

The color of the globe is bright and captivating. This globe is truly educational and you can learn more about the countries and their locations. It is night mode with the LED light on, the constellations are displayed. The descriptions of the constellations can be found in the guide that accompanies a globe. The globe is located on an attractive steel base with a switch on it.

The size of the switch is also consistent with the globe. It is small enough to fit the size of the globe.

LEGO City Mars Research Space Shuttle Toys For Toddlers

spaceship toys for toddlers


Build an exciting space toy model that offers many imaginative action possibilities and a Mars rover with articulated arm to retrieve the geodes!

The search shuttle measures 9 cm (3 inches) high, 23 cm (9 inches) long and 21 cm (8 inches) wide and 5 cm high, 5 cm high, a length of 7 cm and a length of 2 inches Heli drone (6 cm) wide measures over 4 cm long and 3 cm wide The storage drone measures over 3 cm high and 3 cm long.

The scenario of Mars measures over 1 inch (3 cm) wide. It has 273 pieces – Construction toy for astronauts for boys and girls aged 5 and up and for fans of LEGO toys and children of all ages. This LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle 60226 outdoor space toy set is a great gift for kids and can be built together with all the other original LEGO toys and bricks for a more creative game.


  • Its imaginative toy.
  • Give knowledge about astronomy.
  • Such a creative game.
  • Give kids best experience.
  • Increase the motor skills

Steven Said,

My son wanted a Lego spaceship for his birthday. I thought this would make him happy. I was worried, however, that at 5 years of age it would not do well to follow the instructions and put them together.

I was wrong. With minimal supervision, he was able to put it together. He did most of the work. Mostly I kept him on track and checked his work on the way.


Surprise young space adventurers with a NASA-inspired research shuttle and rover toy set. This fantastic LEGO City 60226 Mars Research Shuttle play set features a Space Shuttle toy with opening cockpit, 2 opening cargo doors and interior space for the storage drone, rover with articulated gripping arm for the new August 2019, lasers and panels tillable solar panels, drone deposit with opening compartment and an Eli drone with rotating rotor and scanner, as well as a scenario on Mars built with a secret symbol.

Give each LEGO builder an extraordinary building experience with PLUS instructions, available in the LEGO Life app for smartphones and tablets.

CIRO Solar Robot Kit

solar powered toy robot kits

12 in 1 solar robot kit: come with 190 pieces. Build 12 different types of robots from one kit. It includes the moving and connecting parts of the robot such as gears, plates, tires and shafts. Parts can be easily dismantled after the completion of each robot construction. Simple to do for 8+ years: detailed instructions to complete each build included in the instruction manual.

Fantastic solar system toys for toddlers to encourage your child to learn through play. Create the perfect project for parents and children. It is powered By the Sun: uses the free energy of the sun to crawl, roll and even float on water. No batteries needed! Teach children to use environmentally friendly solar energy instead of electricity.


  • Simple to do for 8+ years.
  • Robert can be changed into 12 styles.
  • Robots can walk as long as there is sunlight.
  • It can move on land or water.
  • Support STEM education.
  • Suitable for science and education projects.

David Said,

I was searching planet toys for 4 year olds babies after lot of research I got this toy. This is a nice fun and learning toy that brings me a really good time with my 4 year old boy. This is not easy for my child; he cannot do it alone because some steps require skills and tools. So I did it with my son. The quality is good as everything combines well according to the manual.


Our construction engineering toys cover a wide range of educational subjects and place a strong emphasis on the overall development of the child. Our goal is to help children build a solid foundation in knowledge of science, technology, engineering, crafts and robots. 100% satisfactory after-sales service: the best Christmas gift choice Birthday | Children’s Day | STEM | School activity. We provide a 90-day free return policy if you are not satisfied.

Daron NASA Space Adventure Series

solar system toys for 4 year olds

This NASA plastic space capsule is part of the Adventure Space series and is approximately 4.25 L x 4.75 W. The space capsule is fully functional with lights and a door that opens to allow the placement of the figurine inside. The space capsule is also compatible with the space station of the same space adventure series and can be mounted above the space station. Two 1.5 V AG13 / LR44 alkaline batteries are included.


  • The windows are transparent and allow you to see your astronaut at work inside.
  • The capsule has ridges that allow you to position the capsule on the Space Station and can rotate 360 degrees.
  • The figurine has multiple body movements. Arms, legs and head can be repositioned.
  • This play set comes with 1 White Astronaut figurine which is fully compatible with the other sets in this series.
  • it is Recommended for children ages 3 and up.


This space toy for 6 year olds is really very amazing and helpful, My 7 year old daughter received this as a gift because it is a space nut and the first thing she said is “I love this space capsule!” She loves playing with it and turning the light in the capsule on and off. Sometimes he uses it as a night light to fall asleep at night. I will recommend solar system toys for 7 year olds toddlers.


Space capsules allow astronauts to “park” somewhere in space. The space capsules are small and there is not much space for astronauts inside. The space capsules have radios and computers so that astronauts can stay in contact with Earth. They also have cameras and windows so that astronauts can see outside the capsule. The capsule has sensors that automatically light up once a statuette is placed.

What would it be a good idea for you to search best solar system toys for babies?

When you have decided to buying a solar system toys for your kid, you will definitely need to consider the following factors, which will helps you to select the best of best among  all the available products available in the market.

Purpose of the toy:

Solar system toys be likely to be more educational toys as compare to the toys for entertainment or to make toddler busy, their only reason is to educate your toddler about the solar system and the how this universe work. So, they not be very enjoyable toys for plays. But they consist high value in the given information about the solar system, you must need to know about the requirement of your kid or the study which he or she has been continuing that what part of solar system toys will help them to increase the knowledge of solar system.

The educational value:

You can find number of available toys in the market which describe about solar system, but all don’t consist that much quality stuff which really matters, some of toys you can find which teaches about the revolutionary movements of earth and other planets,  In other hands you can find others which teaches about the art and craft of nature, therefore you first need to evaluate the educational intent of your kid before buying the better toy for him.

If you want your toddlers to get knowledge about solar system , consider buying,  consider buying iPlay, iLearn Wooden Solar System Jigsaw Puzzles. But at last i always try to make you understand that intent is the real king, your winning toy must consist the intent other wise your reason of buying toy will be get failed.

The creativity value of the toys:

an added value  science-based  toy should established creativity in your toddler which help them to increase their motor skills, My advise for all parents that you must have to gift your kids a toy when help them to enhance their circumstances of thinking, by which they can be able to think out side of the box, toddler puzzles type games are the very beneficial in that case to enhance the creativity of your loved ones,

Educational toy not even help toys kids to educate them , as well as in other hand children’s will also can increase their learning, writing and study skills by educational toys.

The entertainment value:

The basic purpose to buying a toys is always to entertain your toddlers, you should have to be care about the entertainment value of a toy , by which your kid will not get bore fast iif your selected toy is entertaining enough to engage kid by playing it..

Best Solar System Toys For Toddlers (FAQs)

Above is the Video from you-tube which describe very well about solar system toys.

Question: What is an educational toy?

Answer: An educational toy is a toy that helps a child learns something using the toy. Since all these interactive solar system toys involve the solar system, children will at least learn about the solar system and the planets that make it up.

Question: What is a solar system toys?

Answer: Solar system toys are toys which based on planets, moon, sun and space stuff, These type of toys can also very beneficial to understand the myth of space science.

Questions: What age should best to start buying educational toys for child?

Answer: There is no exact age for educational toy because child starts learning in his mother lap. Educational toys are available for every age babies. Educational toys are created based on the results of developmental psychology which indicate the main developmental milestones that children should overcome at different ages.

Questions: How I know which toy is best for my child?

Answer: I think you should follow the field of interest of your baby. And according to interest of your baby you should select the toys either it is solar system toys, motor toys, reasoning toys and other etc.

Questions: Are these solar system for 7 year olds toys safe for my young child?

Answer: Yes all these are safe for you child but be careful about your kids and their toy’s smaller pieces.

Questions: Where can I buy a solar system toy featured on this list?

Answer: All the toys featured on the 10 best Solar System Toys in 2020 list have links to shop for each toy online through Amazon.

Question: What are the Educational benefits of engaging with solar system toys or planet toys?

Answer: As we all know that besides teaching your toddlers about some real facts of science and the universe, these solar system toys also developed your kid’s mental block building and also help to increase their motor skills. These type of toys also help specially those students which really want to become his or her career in some space industry or you can say astronaut.

Question: Can solar system toys be used in group plays?

Answer: Yes definitely why not, your children can use some of his solar system toys with his friends as well.

Question: What is the appropriate of a toddler to start playing with the solar system toys?

Answer: The use of solar system toys are vary as per age, that means 8 to 10 years old children solar system toy will be different from the toy of 2 year old. Its, Therefore, very important factor to consider at the time of purchase.

Question: What type of skills my toddler will get after playing with solar system toys?

Answer: Solar system toys basically helps your children to understand about the orbit and how planets moons, and sun works, your child will also get some information about the geology, geometry, and climatology as well.

Question: Are solar system toys are safe for my toddler?

Answer: Most of the toys are very safe for your little ones, but other are not recommended by the experts due to choking hazards, when you are in search for an appropriate toy for your kid always try to check the packaging and age detail before buying.


Best Solar system toys for toddlers have been popular among parents and children for decades. They will cultivate children’s sense of independence and trust in their daily lives. This can help parents keep their children busy even without paying close attention. These toys are great for outdoor and indoor use, as they allow children to drive almost anywhere.

There is a variety of best solar system toys for toddlers of different ages, sizes, shapes and nature.Above are some planets toys solar system made after researching use-some well-known brands, thus providing unparalleled quality new entry into the market? Every set of children’s riding toys has been modified to ensure you have an honest view of each toy.



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