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TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review

I recently had the privilege of testing the Officially Licensed TOBBI 12V Maserati Ghibli Ride-on car. If you have seen some of our other posts, we love ride-on cars and we have a lot more for you to learn if ride-on cars for kids interest you.

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12V TOBBI Maserati


The first thing you notice about cars isn’t the features (which we will talk more about below), but the appearance. This car from TOBBI, since it is officially licensed, looks just like a real Maserati Ghibli! But it is perfectly sized for your kids! As you can see in all our pictures, we received a white one for testing purposes.


This car comes fully loaded with all the features you could want in a ride-on car for your child. I was very impressed overall by the attention to detail that was put into this car. I got more enjoyment than my son when I experienced these, but he will appreciate them as he gets older.

TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review

Parent Remote Control

Since my son younger and cannot control the car himself at 18 months old, this is my favorite feature. The remote control allows me to drive my son around in this Maserati. The remote has a 3 level speed control which allows you to adjust the max speed the car will move when driving. This is great to start out slow for smaller children as they learn to love the joys of riding around in a convertible!

As your child grows, they will be able to transition from being driven by an adult with the remote to using the in-car controls to go forward, backwards, and steer.

TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review

Working Doors, Lights, Mirrors, Horn, and Radio

Almost every aspect of this Maserati Ghibli can do something. It has

  • Doors that open and lock when closed
  • Working horn your kid can honk
  • Side mirrors that can be adjusted and have a reflective sticker on them
  • Working headlights and taillights. The taillights even have special reverse lights when the car is going backward!
  • Light up dashboard
  • Radio with built-in sounds and music, along with both AUX and SD card inputs
    • The built-in radio sounds/music aren’t really that good in my opinion
TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review

Pull Handle and Wheels

It is inevitable that you will likely find yourself with a dead battery when you aren’t near your charger, or maybe even just want to easily transport your car from your garage to your backyard. This is where the flip out pull out handle in front, and the flip out wheels in the back come in handy. These features make your TOBBI Maserati simple to transport. If this feature wasn’t present, you would be stuck trying to carry the car which is not easy due to its size and weight.

While this is a great feature, my pull handle broke the 2nd time I used it and it now won’t lock in the folded position so I had to tape it in place. This is the only problem I have had with this car in the time I have had it.

TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review


  • Comes in white, black, and red (we got the white one)
  • 12V battery
  • Initial Charge Time: 4-6 hours
    • We charged the battery for 4.5 hours the first time and had a full charge
  • Running Time: about 1 hour
    • Depends on rider weight and surface, but we have been using ours for over an hour with a 30lb child and the battery still has not died
  • Recommended Age from TOBBI is 3 – 6 years old
    • My son is younger and he loves it, but we only use it in the remote control mode and always under adult supervision for safety
  • Max supported weight: 77 pounds
TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review


Putting this car together was relatively easy. I did it by myself, so it is possible with 1 person, but it would have been a little simpler with another set of hands to help hold things. It took around 30 minutes for me to assemble from the time I opened the box until I plugged it in to charge for its first use.

The step-by-step instructions are simple at first glance, but they are more than enough to successfully put the car together.

TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review


I have found ride-on vehicles to typically be very safe and TOBBI’s Maserati Ghibli is no exception. The max speed on 12V ride-ons is only around 3 mph so it is easy to stay safe for children inside the car as well as those playing around it.

This Maserati does have a seat belt (lap only) that you can use to strap your child in as well as doors that close with a latch that will be challenging for a small child to open without adult help. These features made me feel comfortable putting my 18-month-old son in the car.

TOBBI Maserati Ghibli Review
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Disclaimer: We received this product free of charge to review. The review expressed here is our reviewer’s personal opinion from actually using the product.

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Apperance - 10
Assembly - 9
Features - 9
Safety - 10


Highly Recommended!

This Officially Licensed TOBBI 12V Maserati Ghibli Ride On Car looks amazing and has a HUGE list of features that will give you everything you want in a ride-on car for your kids.

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