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LED Balloons Product Review

LED Balloons are a newer product on the market that looks really cool in pictures, but we have always been skeptical if they look as good in person as they do in those product photos online.  Lucky for us, a company that sells these recently reached out to us to review their product LED balloons.  We received 2 sets of LED Balloons, one white and one multi-color, and an automatic balloon pump to review.

LED Balloons For Party

Color LED Balloons
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I was asked to test this product and when I checked out the Amazon listing, I was in awe at how amazing these balloons looked in the pictures and could only think about how they would be the perfect addition to my son’s first birthday that is coming up.  But, I am always a bit skeptical so I was a little worried the LED balloons wouldn’t look as good in person as they did in the listing.

What’s in the box?

When the product arrived, it arrived in a plain white box, but it’s what is on the inside that counts right?  At least that’s what we teach our children!  But anyway, I opened the box to find what I would expect, 4 strings of Colored LEDs, and the balloons.

Each string of colored LEDs is attached to a thin wire which makes them easily moldable around the balloon and is battery operated.  The LEDs being attached to a wire is nice so they can be wrapped around the balloons and stay in place, the one downside is that they get tangled pretty easily and can take some time to untangle.  I ran into this issue, but after I got them untangled they were easy to use.  The string of color LEDs has 8 light modes.  This gives you multiple options from always-on to flashing at different speeds, to 2 colors on at a time, and many more options.  Different modes are nice to have, but I think the 8 modes are more than any one person will probably want, but it does give options so hopefully, everyone can find a mode they love.

How To Setup LED Balloons

When I unrolled the balloons, they looked really small, but then I remembered the product description said they grow when you blow them up, so I put it on the balloon pump and continues to inflate it.  As it inflated it definitely grew much larger than the size it started.  I stopped once it got big enough to have no wrinkles in the balloon, and it was very clear and a clean look, exactly as pictured.

The final step is to wrap the LEDs around the outside of the balloon to form the final LED Balloons.  This is where the LEDs being on a wire is really nice as it stays put as you wrap it around the balloon, then can secure the end when you are complete around another part of the LED string.

The only downside I find with these is safety if you have small children.  Since I had to wrap the LEDs around the outside of the balloon, they could come loose and be a choking or strangulation hazard.  So children should only use these under adult supervision

When complete these color LED balloon were gorgeous and as great as they look in the picture.  I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for a nice addition to the decor for your next birthday party or gathering.

LED Balloons For Wedding

White LED Balloons
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The white led balloons are very similar to the multi-color ones we described above.  There are only a few minor differences between the color and white balloons: the white LEDs take 2 AA batteries, have 3 different light modes, and come with a few extra little accessories which can be seen below.

balloons with led lights

Like the led balloons we described with colors, these also live up to the expectations in the product pictures and would be an amazing addition to a wedding venue, wedding reception, or wedding sendoff.  Choosing color or white all depends on what look you are going for, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Electric Pump For Balloons

electric pump for balloons
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What better accessory is there for the amazing LED balloons above except an electric pump to make it easier to inflate the LED balloons?  Don’t let the bright pink color turn you off (I am not a huge fan of pink), because this pump made inflating these balloons a breeze. I could only imagine how quickly you could inflate all the balloons for your kid’s next birthday party.

This electric pump for balloons has 2 modes: the first one will keep the pump always running so you can easily go from one balloon to the next, inflating enough balloons to fill you entire house quicker than you imagined, the second mode keeps the pump ready, but only pumps air out when you press down on the nozzle.

This pump also comes with a lot of nice accessories: multi-colored latex balloons, flower clips, tying tools, tape strips, colored ribbons, and 100 dot glues.  This electric pump balloon package is a party by itself, but also pairs well with jaw-dropping LED balloons we also reviewed.  We recommend buying the pump with the balloons!

Disclaimer: We received this product free of charge to review, but not provided any compensation. The review expressed here is our reviewer’s personal opinion from actually using the product.

If you would like us to review one of your products, please reach out to use via the Contact Us page for more information

Review Summary

Appearance - 9.5
Ease Of Use - 8
Would I Buy Again? - 10
Safety For Children - 7


Great Product!

These LED Balloons definitely lived up to my expectations. Once you get them blown up and the LED lights put on them, they look amazing and will bring an something extra to any occasion or photo! Our only concern is the LED safety for small children, but other than that we think these are top quality!

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