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How Long Do Electric Scooters Last?

How long do electric scooters last?  is the most commonly asked questioned by the parents now a days. We all know that the use of electric scooters has been roaming around on the streets for the last so many years. Some people do start loving them due to their comfortable riding experience, but on the same side, some might even hate it as well.

But no matter whatsoever you think about it, at the end of the day you will be interested to know about the fact that for how long time a typical electric scooter will last long. If you have been considering buying the one, then probably you will be a lot interested to know about its battery life span as well.

For the last so long decade, electric scooters have been used as a medium of transportation for the last so long time. This has become extremely important when it comes to low mobility among both kids and adults.  There are different brands in the market and each single of the brand has been introducing different models of the scooters which are worth to buy.

Now let’s move to the main topic which is about the fact that for how long time the electric scooter battery can last long! Right into this blog post, we will be having a complete guide about it for your convenience.

Overview on Most Common Types of Scooters

Scooters are available in different sizes, shapes, and forms. Each one of them is having their top speed which is purposely serving different reasons based on the age considerations.  Motorized scooters somehow are so much famous when it comes to the elder people and will enable the people with low mobility to reach their destination quite easily.

Regular or the electric scooters are quite a lot famous among the kids.  This is because they are adjusted with the cool features which are as per according to the age of the kid.

Your kid would love to drive in it all the time as they can easily cover small distance travel without any hassle.  Based on the brand, utility, and model, such scooters will help you to travel at the distance speed of around 10-12 mph which makes it so much easy for you to ride on it in the high-traffic areas.

Different Types of Batteries Used in Electric Scooters

Now let’s talk about the different types of batteries that are used in scooters!  As we talk about the scooters which are for mobility they use two types of batteries i.e. lead-acid batteries and gel cell batteries.  Talking about the lead-acid batteries, they do have the shortest lifespan as compared to the gel batteries.

But at the same side gel batteries are less pricey which even makes them one of the top choices of the manufacturers. If you are a heavy rider, then looking for a gel cell battery is the best option for you. They are pricey but they do have a long recharging span too.

They will stay for a long period with you in the future. They are a lot easy to maintain and they are quite easy to handle too.

How long does a kick scooter last?

It is also important to figure out how long a kick scooter lasts!  Any typical scooter has the battery range which is available in the middle of 300 and 400 charging or the discharging battery cycle.  This makes them come about to be so much functional for the next three years.

As they reach the maximum number of their recharging cycles, the batteries are needed to be fully replaced to let the vehicle get into the moving mode all over again.

The accurate number of the autonomy minutes which you can get through each battery charge will be varying based on the scooter performance. This will be also depending on the power of your battery as well as the speed on which it is traveling.  At an average level, on the single charge, you can ride the scooter for a maximum of 35-45 minutes.

As in case if the battery starts to wear down, it will decrease the entire autonomy of your scooter. This will let the scooter just ride for a maximum of 20 minutes and not more than that.

Top Best Electric Scooter and Their Battery Lifespan

Below we will be discussing a rundown list of top best electric scooters and will let you know about the lifespan of their battery power as well:

  • Firstly we have the name of Prime Electric Scooter whose battery can last for a maximum of 40 minutes. It has been set with a maximum speed of around 15 mph and is best for the teens who are in the age group of 14 years old or up.
  • Its maximum weight is around 176lbs which is much needed when it comes to preserving your battery.  You can take this scooter to be ideal for commuting purposes which are completely sleek and stylish in the overall design.
  • It has folding technology with a durable nature.  Its aluminum frame brings a complete premium effect in the whole design.
  • The next option we have Power Core E100 Electric Scooter! This scooter is holding the battery power which can run for a maximum of 60 minutes This is all because of its lighter and yet more efficient range of Power Core technology.
  •  It is best for teens who are in the age group of 8 years old or up.  Its maximum weight is around 120lbs. It is best for beginners who are riding a scooter for the first time.
  • Lastly, we have Power Core E90 Electric Scooter. It has a battery life that can survive for a maximum of 70 minutes.
  • This scooter has been offering 75% of the battery life which is extra powerful as compared to the rest of the electric scooters.  Its maximum speed is around 10mph which makes it extra energy-efficient and completely maintenance-free for the kids or adults.

How long do bird scooters battery last?

Now let’s talk about how long do bird scooters battery last! Over the single charge, for covering the distance of 20~30 miles, it can survive for around 2~3 hours in terms of driving.  If your scooter is brand new, then definitely it will provide ample energy in terms of driving and will help you to reach your destination smoothly.

Some of the latest deep-cycle lead-acid batteries do have the formatting period which is around 20-50 cycles.  This capacity will somehow increase during the whole time until it does not make its way to the peak capacity.  Their overall capacity will remain steady until they are at the peak of the life cycle.

During the formatting period, make sure that you are on ease with the batteries by completely avoiding the deep discharge and letting the batteries get recharged more than it is required. You should only recharge them when they are 100% empty

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Which major reasons can cause your battery to death?

Besides the natural wearing down of the battery, there is a collection of different practices that would possibly negatively influence your scooter battery and make it die faster. Here are some of these most frequent practices and how to restore them:

Reason no 1: can you overcharge an electric scooter battery

Whether we are speaking about mobility scooters, electric powered scooter or these normally meant for teenagers and toddlers, overcharging the battery is pretty common. Although most cutting-edge automobiles come with invulnerable chargers that keep away from overcharging, this can nevertheless appear in the beginning.

Therefore, you need to cautiously study the guidelines of your car earlier than using it for the first time and make sure you comply with them closely. Some motors may also require a preliminary battery cost of 12 hours earlier than the use of them.

 can you overcharge a mobility scooter battery? 

The reason why overcharging generally takes place to encompass the fact that the charger has greater strength than wished or that it is damaged or severely worn. Replacing the authentic charger with a lower-quality one can also additionally lead to charging disasters and wear down the battery faster.

Reason no 2: Undercharging

It is much more frequent to genuinely undercharge the battery of a scooter than overcharge it, though the outcomes are equally disastrous in the long term. Not permitting your battery a full charging cycle leads to failures. Some automobiles have to be left charging for a little while even after an inexperienced mild seems that typically shows a full charge.

Using an affordable or erroneous charger is any other cause why your battery may die quicker after a while. The same goes for people who don’t use their scooters on a normal foundation and neglect that the battery must nonetheless be charged and entirely operational each day.

Keeping your scooter outdoor or in a cold winter surrounding can negatively have an impact on the battery autonomy too and generally capacity you’ll have to substitute the battery or the scooter altogether extra often.

How to make electric scooter battery last longer?

Now you might be thinking that how to make an electric scooter battery last longer! Well, you don’t need to search around here and there because right here we have complete guidelines for you in the form of tips! Check out below:

Electric scooter battery maintenance

Regular maintenance is the main element for improving the lifespan of nearly any device, such as electric-powered scooters.  Fortunately, e-scooter maintenance is not complicated, nor very time-consuming.  You should be checking the tire condition every week.  Dust off and wipe dry the scooter on every occasion as it will become soiled or wet.


Since the batteries used in today’s electric-powered scooters are lithium-ion, there isn’t a total lot that you have to do to preserve it properly.  Just be aware of a few things.  Keep the battery away from severe temperatures.  Li-ion batteries tend to be in particular touchy to excessive temperatures.  Keep the battery away from water.  Avoid using it in the rain, but if you consider it important then keep it away from puddles.


You should lube the rolling mechanism after every three months.  The specific timeframe for lube & grease will genuinely rely on your use conditions.  The extra filth and water your e-scooter were once uncovered to, the quicker you will want to grease it.


Keep your e-scooter indoors, on every occasion you can.  As noted earlier, e-scooters do no longer go nicely with excessive temperatures or water.  For these reasons, they need to be saved away from direct daylight and rain.  You don’t need to take stress about the scooter over the rain drizzle or direct sunlight. It won’t harm your scooter at all.

Nuts and bolts

You have to typically tighten a few nuts and bolts every two months or so.  If you are driving on an uneven floor or off-road, then you have to test the tightness as quickly as you get home.  It takes much less than a minute to do so.  There I nothing complicated about it.

Careful riding

The way you ride has a direct impact on the toughness of your e-scooter.  The reason why rideshare scooters have a lifespan of just a few months is in part due to the way people ride them.  Some don’t recognize how to, others sincerely don’t care.

Life Cycle of Electric Scooter- Final thoughts

This was the end of the discussion about the life cycle of electric scooters! As you are considering knowing about the lifespan of the electric scooter, you should know the fact that how well you have used and maintained your scooter. Hence the ride share e-scooters will just be lasting for a couple of months. But as if you are giving it high maintenance, then definitely it can stay with you for a long time of years.

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