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What are the best loved vintage toys?

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree has deep roots in us and we select best-loved vintage toys.  New Year has been my favorite holiday since childhood. . Each year, decorating my Christmas tree, I feel like time stops, as I plunge into the atmosphere of magic, the atmosphere of my distant childhood, waiting for a miracle, fabulous gifts, surprises, with the magic of Christmas lights, the silver sparkle of Christmas decorations, the smell of pine and the feeling of endless unconditional joy and happiness that happens only in childhood.

A real tree was always placed at our home, it was usually a pine, and it gave a brighter aroma. My grandparents often moved at one time, some toys were bought back in Tashkent (where my mother was born). Most of these toys were bought by my grandmother, whom, unfortunately, I did not know, I was born when my grandmother was no longer there.

Some of them were bought by my aunt, my father’s sister, she is also gone. And toys were found on bottomless dusty mezzanines. I didn’t even suspect their existence, I had never seen them. But they were best-loved vintage toys.

There is nothing special in these toys, they are unpretentious, those that are now being sold are much more beautiful, but they have something that is already impossible to return, but they want it, they bring back memories that make you feel warm in your heart and involuntarily want to smile.

The suitcases in which Christmas decorations were kept, these suitcases traveled with us everywhere. Mostly balls hung on the tree, but my favorite toys were clothespins, it seemed to me that these were characters with their own special lives and a little history. There is a tree with modern toys, there is a small one, and we hang a part of old toys with it.

As a child, I looked at these figures, they were hung in different places, but I wanted to hang them side by side so that they had some kind of fabulous adventure. Unfortunately, Chippolino is not preserved – my favorite. I placed him next to the clown, and it seemed to me that they were communicating with each other. I also really liked the owl, although now I look and do not see anything special or unusual in it.

But then it seemed that she was alive and at night opens her eyes, and they glow. We had a lot more glass toys, but unfortunately, they were not preserved, as well as huge balls that also crashed. Of the balls, my favorite was turquoise (similar to pink, which is on the tree), but, unfortunately, it did not survive.

He reminded me of the sea and carried me far into dreams. Lying under the tree and looking at toys was one of my favorite activities.

Those toys that we still have been around the 1950-60s, because grandparents began to put a Christmas tree after the war. IN wartime was somehow not up to her, and there were no toys, I think. Unfortunately, the Christmas trees often fell because the cat was playing with the rain, so many of the toys crashed, although some – the most beloved ones – were still restored.

Here let me show you one of the millions of toys guides.

What kind of Christmas toys were in your childhood?

Definitely, everyone selects best-loved vintage toys for their tree.

List of best-loved vintage toys


best loved vintage toys


Here is the best vintage toys list.

  • Dolls and toys of our childhood → Collections of vintage dolls and toys of our childhood.
  • My favorite bumps and icicles. I buy cones from time to time, there are more of them on my Christmas tree than other toys, and beautiful icicles do not come across something …
  • chickens are also quite common …
  • The size of a good grapefruit put a small ball for scale.
  • Small balls of different years, bright pink and lilac in the foreground in shape resemble plums.
  • There are a lot of strawberries; probably it was a favorite toy.
  • “Little Man with a Marigold”, its extraordinary beauty, kindness and personality (after all, these toys were painted by hand), expanded my knowledge of the history of the country and its culture, the history of the creation of Soviet toys, because that each of the toys was associated with a specific event in the life of the USSR .
  • Santa Claus: Do you know that our Snow Maiden is a Soviet “invention”? That she was born in 1937, when Santa Claus first came with his granddaughter to a Christmas tree celebration at the Moscow House of Unions. Since then, we have not imagined the New Year without the Snow Maiden.
  • The Christmas tree of the early 50s resembles lush vegetable gardens and fertile gardens where everything grew: grapes, strawberries, apples, pears, plums, peaches, lemons, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, peppers, onions, glass garlic, cotton buds and foam. All these are the best loved vintage toys.
  • Then Came a big thick glass watch with an arrow showing at five minutes to twelve. It turns out that this toy was released in 1956 after the release of the film “Carnival Night” with the legendary Kharkiv woman Lyudmila Gurchenko and her famous song “Five minutes, five minutes …”.
  • These are a few ruby Kremlin stars, balls with a sickle and a hammer, balls with red stars, figures of the Red Army men in Budenovka, pioneers with red flags. These toys with the symbols of the USSR are appreciated in the antique market of Christmas tree decorations.
  • Many funny, good little dolls, “Boys on a Sled”, “Girls in a Coat”, “Girls with a Doll”, “with a Rattle”
  • Little Red Riding Hood, Alladins, Clowns and Boys “A Man with a Marigold”:

Here are the best-loved vintage toy names

  • Dinky Toys
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Roller Skates
  • Mouse Trap
  • Play-Do
  • The View-Master
  • Matchbox Cars
  • LEGO
  • Little Man with a Marigold
  • Arrow symbol

Look how interesting, the shape of the toy is the same, but depending on the color, completely different toys are obtained. The corn is clearly downstairs, greetings and the strawberries are absolutely right at the top. It seems that they made a toy like corn, and then when it became irrelevant, they began to make strawberries a very convenient form judging by the wrapping paper and bags, many toys were purchased at GUM.


We should select best-loved vintage toys but Some People decorated a Christmas tree with similar toys for example, a series of vegetables and fruits – a green cucumber and a pea pod, pear, lemon, peach that looked like a real one – velvet, matte many toys on clothespins, very beautiful balls. And under the Christmas tree Santa Claus madden with pressed cotton and paper and a plastic Snow Maiden.

That Christmas tree was artificial and very unstable, it periodically fell and toys crashed. Maybe that’s why Christmas decorations from my childhood have not been preserved.

By the way, according to the decision of the international organization of collectors of Christmas decorations “Golden Glow”, toys made before 1966 are recognized as old. Until this year, toys were painted by hand, and after 1966 they switched from semi-handicraft production to machine production, as a result of which the toys were standardized as much as possible and lost their artistic and style identity.


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