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What Are The Toys that Start with A for Show and Tell

Are you ready to bring a smile on your kids face by presenting them with the best and amazing toy on their birthday? Well the main purpose of the toys is not just to let your kid have the playful and fun time but at the same time they can be helpful for your kid to improve their mindset and creativity approaches as well.  Hence through the help of these toys, your kids can also develop their mental as well as physical development growth. Have you been looking for the toys that start with A for show and tell? If yes then this is the right place for you to get a complete series of information.  Here we have a rundown list of top best toys that start with A:

List of top Best Toys that Start with A for Show and Tell



toys that start with an a

If you want to give your kid a best gift on their birthday then this is the best option to look into. This has been a toy which is offering a gaming experience for your kid. It is completely based on the perception of the science. This toy is basically designed into the ant habitat illuminated by the Blue LED lights that simply light up the display.


  • It is available with all the equipments which you look ahead to scan different habitats of any ant such as magnifying glass as well as sticks for creating the tunnels.
  • This toy is a complete win-win situation for the parents as well as kids. It will not only be playful for the kid but will also help them to know about the biology of the ants.
  • It has some cool lights of LED with some nutrient-rich blue gel.
  • The just drawback is that the ants are not provided in the set form. Plus it has small display which can be disappointing.







toys that start with i for show and tell


If your kid is fond of painting the walls all the time then this is the everlasting best toy to gift them on their birthday.  This is the best way to unleash the inside artist of your kid.  Kids are always of getting attracted towards the colors. This set is available with 64 Crayola Crayons, as well as 40 washable markers, with 15 large sheets of Paper, along with 1 Art storage Case.


  • The whole is available with the portable and fully organized storage in which your kids can set their crayons.
  • You will be able to get the markers and crayons in different color options. You can put the marker in the case tray if you are not using it.
  • It will help your kid creativity and art to feel encouraged.
  • It is available in 15 different large sheets of papers.
  • The only drawback is that the art case is too much delicate in terms of handling.




toys that start with n for show and tell


This amazing Ten Row Abacus by Learning Resources is yet another learn-cum-play exciting game which your kids will be fond of playing all the time.  Through this game toy, your kid will love to learn the art of calculations so easily.  Hence learning mathematics will become so much easy for your kid.  It is available in a form of color beads which make the whole calculation task so much exciting.


  • Your kid will be able to learn the basics of counting as well as patterns, grouping and arithmetic.
  • The beads are divided into five different colors and in 10 rows.
  • It will be providing a greater educative value.
  • The just drawback is that the wires can become quite loose with time.







toys that start with v for show and tell


For letting your kid to get involved in the physical play fun, here we have the incredible option of Aerobie Pro Ring for them! This toy game is included with the soft form of rubber edging ring style. You can play it in a way as if you are throwing a Frisbee. The ring is quite light in weight and is soft as well.  It is made from polycarbonate material.


  • This has been one of the safest outdoor games which your kids can play. It will be helpful for your kid to stay fit and healthy.
  • It is manufactured through durable material.
  • It is quite easy to catch.
  • It is lacking the ability to float in water.



toys that start with b for show and tell


This is an amazing game play which is based on 102 large size of pieces of building blocks.  This game has been created by HABA.  You can present your kid with this game play if they are in a wish to be an architect in future.  This game is best for the kids who are within the age group of 1-8 years.


  • It has 34 special building blocks, with 14 rectangular blocks, as well as 16 square blocks, and 16 slats.
  • All the blocks are durable and safe for your kids.
  • Your kid can get a complete learning about building construction creativity.
  • It is made from wooden material out of so many colors.
  • Blocks can often break easily.



toys that start with u for show and tell


This amazing toy set has been based upon the drawing tools which are based upon A-Frame Art Easel. This toy is created by Little Partners. It is based upon dry-erase board, as well as hang paper, with colorful crayons, or paints, and the chalkboard for your children. It also offers storage shelves with the two giant fabric bins to store all your accessories at one manageable place.


  • You can organize your colors in the cup holders and art tray.
  • Brushes are also available in different sizes.
  • Your kids can easily reach to the tools with the help of paper roll holder which is on the top chalkboard.
  • Paints are completely healthy and fully non-toxic.
  • The toy is also included with non-spill painters.
  • You cannot easily adjust the height.



toys that start with g for show and tell

If your kid is so much fascinated about the airplanes, then choosing this airplane by Green toys is the best option for you.  This airplane has the green colored stubby airframe which is attached with the short wings to let it fly in the air. It is based on small pieces.


  • This toy is best to increase your kids creativity and helps to build their brains.
  • All the pieces of the airplane are shaped in small sizes so it can get fitted into your kids hands.
  • It is manufactured from recyclable materials.
  • Airplane does not have any motor or pilot figure.



toys that start with z for show and tell

This whole toy product is a complete combination of music, lights as well as inspiring colors. It is available in the cube shape which is based on 5 amazing interactive sides as well as 13 double-sided letter blocks. You just need to insert the blocks into one slot and arrange all the letters one by one. As you will arrange all the blocks correctly, LED screen will brighten up and will play a song for you.


  • This toy will play an important role for your kids brain development.
  • It has the setting of automatic stop feature.
  • It plays various songs.
  • Users can also have a volume control settings.
  • It is just available in English language.





toys that start with y for show and tell

VTechis one of the top leading companies which is known for manufacturing best toys for kids. This is one such perfect example of it.  This is an alphabetic game for your kids to help them learn the art of alphabets.  Different alphabetic have various sounds and each one of them will help your kid to develop their speech and language abilities.  It is fun and easy to use.


  • It is set with the moveable hands of clock rotation.
  • It can play different songs
  • The only drawback is that the toy will not be repeating the phonics.


10.Animal Planet Click and See Projector Toy

toys that start with c

This has been such an exciting and best piece of the toys that start with A for show and tellwhich you can hand it over to your kids to have some playful time all around.  This toy is based on the projector work which will show your kid different colorful images all the time.


  • It has been set with the right sizing which will enable your kid to play and hold on comfortably.
  • Image will be fully focused to grab the crispy images.
  • It has longer lasting LED bulb with the awesome images of animals.


11.Astronaut Kids Play Tent

toys that start with w for show and tell


As it is evident from the name that this toy game has been based on the astronaut working game play which your kids would love to play all the time! If your kid wants to be an astronaut in future, then don’t forget to give them this gift on their birthday.


  • It has been included with the 3-piece playhouse castle tent, with the crawl tunnel as well as basketball pit with hoop.
  • It is durable and portable with the access of being light in weight.
  • It has soft thick fabric, breathable mesh walls, and flexible padded structure.


  1. Ambulance Activity Toy

toys that start with j for show and tell


Children will watch in awe as the ambulance strikes forward, backward and spins 360 degrees. If it crashes into the wall or an object, the automobile routinely modifications course and continues riding on its own.


  • It is manufactured through durable material.
  • It is quite easy to catch.
  • It is portable with the access of being light in weight.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which toys with A you should choose for your kids?

You should only look for those toys which are highly effective for your kids to improve their mindset creativity and thinking abilities.

  1. Can you fold A-frame Art Easel and make it look portable for easy storage?

No, you cannot fold it easily. But it is quite a lot small which will help you to store it in different small places.

  1. Can all adult hands get fitted into Animal Puppets?

This might be depending on the sizing of the adult hand. Some of the adults can easily fit the animal puppets in their hands.

  1. Can AquaDoodle be fully erased?

No! The drawing somehow might fades quickly and you don’t need to erase them.



This is all we have ended with the list of top best toys that start with A for show and tell! We are sure that after checking out this list of toys, you will definitely be looking forward to pick one best toy for your kids birthday right now.

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